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It was a calm, sunny morning. The nature, grass, trees, birds, it all promised a warm day, a good one to start the first month of the summer. People of the City started to wake up, preparing themselves for the day, sending their kids to school, thinking about forthcoming argues at work and all things that only they knew. Two friends, Kate and Claire were different from the others. Last night was a one containing a great party with tons of alcohol drank, thousands pizzas eaten, million people passed out. Even though, both girls weren’t THAT rotten to drink to the limits every time. Last night went pretty smoothly, none of them remembered any excesses that could have taken place, yet it doesn’t mean any of them couldn’t remember doing crazy things, like Claire forgetting to lower her panties to take a wee in a toilet or Kate lighting the cigarette on the wrong side.
Claire turned her head to the other side and sighed.
Vodka, pizza, beer, vodka, pizza, water, right… – she counted in her thoughts – Should be all ok.
She slowly bent on the bed and sat on its edge, trying to assess the state of her head. The hangover started to let know about it is here, but it wasn’t that bad. Claire’s head slowly pulsed with a rather weak pain, and overall, she felt a bit gassy and dirty after mixing drinks. One more sigh and she was ready to stand up and go to the bathroom to have a standard morning ritual.
An hour later her best friend, little Kate woke up once again this day. And again it was the same, she gagged, let out a loud burp and felt her guts coming up to her mouth with a terrifying sound from her belly. She felt her crotch getting warmer, and after a short while, a little bit wet. One more reflex and it started to get more wet, and after a moment half conscious girl decided to give up this fight and let go. Her bladder started to empty, first into the crotch, moistening her intimate zone, then panties, and finally a small stream of pee escaped from between her legs, soaking pajama pants, soaking the bedsheet, making nearly half of the bed completely wet. But it couldn’t bet that bad at all, assumed Kate. She lived alone, so noone would knew… She scratched her nose and tried to get some more sleep.

“Knock, knock”
Kate woke up in one milisecond, and after another one, she was standing in her room. It didn’t take much longer as she was dressed, and soaked bed was covered. She slowly opened the door, and saw Claire smiling.
– Good morning you drunkard. Feeling okay?
– Ahh, you scared me babe. Wazzup?
Claire looked around the room, sniffed few times.
– What’s that smell?
Kate’s face started to become almost as red as her hair.
– Has to be nothing. Really nothing, at all.
– Come one Kate, you don’t have to hide anything from me. I know that smell.
She jumped to the bed and uncovered the bedsheet.
– You wet yourself! Kaaaate, that’s nothing to be embarrassed about, come on, go the bathroom and I’ll clean that.
After 15 minutes the bed was clean, only waiting to be dried, and Kate was ready to leave the house. Both girls went to the mall to have some breakfast, buy some stuff of daily use. Sitting in the Subway restaurant, eating her sandwich, Claire suddenly lifted in her seat and straighten her back and grabbed her belly.
– What is it? – Kate asked.
– Had to be nothing. Just a solid cramp after the alcohol – she answered, smiling.
They continued their way through the shopping centre. While having a break for a cigarette, Claire grabbed her belly again, and her face turned white.
– Is it okay? – Kate asked again.
Claire answered “it’s okay” again, but she knew that something is coming. Her belly was now running with cramps, she almost felt every part of her digestive system fight with the pizza from yesterday night, and it wasn’t a nice feeling. But at all, she decided to continue shopping. She was twenty now and was sure, that as an adult she can take full control of her body.
When entering another boutique, Claire saw that the mall’s toilets are closed after some technical problems, but for now she cared little for that.
After another some time the situation complicated. Now Claire could feel the tension building in her bowels. The urge wasn’t very strong now, but slowly and inevitably it continued to build up with every single heartbeat. She could also feel her forehead and back getting moisted as she started to sweat.
– Kate, could we please finish the shopping some other time? I’m not feeling very well.
– Nausea, huh? – Kate said – I had this all night. Sure thing, let’s get back to the car.
– No, it’s not nausea. It’s rather… from the other end, if you know what I mean. I feel I might need to use the toilet soon, and the mall’s ones are closed today.
– Allright, let’s go.
Everything started to speed up every minute. Claire didn’t even reach the exit, when she felt that pressure on her sphincter became so strong, that she barely could hold everything inside. For now she was sure, that if she let go, she would probably shit her bowels, lungs and even brain, such was the strenght of her need. Now she started to walk faster, and when they reached the parking lot, she quickly gave Kate the keys to her car.
– You drive, okay? I really need to calm down and sit motionless.
– Okay. Are you sure you’re okay? You don’t look very well…
– I’m okay, let’s just do it fast to my house okay?
– Sure Claire, you’ll make it.
– Of course I will. It’s just the thing I want to end ASAP, it started to hurt me.
As she said, so she thought. Claire was sure that it’s still just a normal diarrhea attack, and that she will reach her house, use the toilet and forget about everything really soon.
She tried to walk as fast as she could without running. Running was bad for diarrhea. It just sped the bowels work up.
They reached Claire’s car. Kate took the driver’s seat. Claire closed the door and fastened the seat belt. Her legs were shaking, so she tried to keep them calm with her hands. Her back was now completely wet, her breath galloped. The cramp her stomach let out was so loud, that even Kate could hear it. Now girls were riding towards Claire’s house, but Claire didn’t get closer to sucessfully reaching the toilet. After few minutes she could feel her sphincter started to lose the fight. Her legs were clenched hard, and she tried to push on the seat not to let even a small drop from her bowels. She was all shaking from the fear and exhaustion. She put a big effort in staying in control, helping her sphincter win the fight. Another few minutes passed, and Claire felt that skind on her butt starts to unclench. Pressure from the bowels was too strong, and it seemed that the sphincter was loosing again. These were waves from Claire’s guts, coming for few seconds and then letting her get some breath, but after another seconds they were back, making Claire sweat even more, breaking the sphincter, pushing the skin aside, trying to make it’s way outside. It took another few moments, and girl could feel a small drop, a really smallest amount she could imagine, reach her butt, for now luckily not reaching her pink satin panties. One strong wave hit her, a loud cramp could be heard again, and more poop started to escape, but again, it all could be contained by sphincter’s surrounding. With all strenght she had and another loud cramp, Claire sucked it back inside herself again, trying to remain in control at all costs.
Kate looked at her from time to time. She knew that Claire is trying her best, but after few accidents they both went through together, she knew that Claire may loose it, but she also knew that Claire will never give up, and the tragedy may only occur when she really can’t hold it, so she didn’t even propose her to just let it go inside the car.
Finally, they reached the driveway next to the Claire’s house. Kate quickly grabbed the keys to the house, parked the car and rushed to the front door hoping, that Claire’s thing is not lost, and that she could help her friend.
Claire braced her sphincter with all force left. She opened the car’s door with her shaking hand, rotated in her seat and put her feet on the ground. She waited few seconds for another wave to pass, and quickly walked toward the doors. Her legs were shaking so much, that she barely kept her walk straight. When she only passed the door, a wave hit. Now she could feel that holding diarrhea when sitting in a car is a really simple thing. With her legs straight, she bent forward and grabbed the handrail of the stairs in her house, and let a long, silent moan. Her butt was now shaking as well, and her sphincter surrendered one last time. With Claire’s legs and butt clenched tight, wave from her bowels hit with strenght too much for girl to oppose. Even though she was continuously holding her sphincter, a loud “blop” could she hear, when the first portion of soft poop squeezed through her clenched butt, pushing the skin aside, reaching the panties, making her butt trench warm and sticky. Kate could hear something that normally she would call a fart, and then noticed a soft, almost runny “thing” on Claire’s ass, pushing her grey leggings from the inside. Claire felt that she lost the fight. It wasn’t much poop that escaped her bowels, but she knew, that few seconds after the first hit it has to happen. After a moment of standing with small dose of diarrhea in her panties, with legs still shaking, her bowels pushed in reflex with a great force. Claire groaned again when she could feel huge amount of poop run through her sphincter, she could feel every single drop of it. She also felt her panties quickly fill up to their limits, poop run up almost to her back and down, dirtying her vagina and ending in front of her panties, probably somewhere lower than her waist. The reflex occured three more times, every time letting out more from her guts, filling another parts of her panties, making everything warm, sticky and stinky, and the last hit of diarrhea ended stylishly with a loud, wet fart. Claire felt that there was so much poop, that her panties started to slide down, also lowering her leggings. Kate observed the whole situation, feeling pity to her best friend. She saw when Claire’s bowel’s reflex occured first time, as she bent down a little bit, and runny poop rushed into her panties. When Claire ended pooping herself, there was a large bulge on her ass, wetness started to soak through the grey leggings. The poop also started to run down her panties, lowering them, uncovering Claire’s back.
The whole room now stank. Claire slowly walked toward the bathroom, carefully took every step not to let anything out her panties.
– I’m sorry Kate. I have to clean myself.
– That’s okay Claire, I’ll wait for ya, let me know if you need some help.
It looked like there was a lot of work for Claire…

– The End –
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  1. I loved the story just as I would love being in that situation.Once you know your panties are a little dirty there really is no point in trying to keep them clean.Just let it go and enjoy the feeling of warm soft smooth poop spreading all over your butt and pussy.You might as well masturbate too and fully enjoy it by having the most amazing orgasm,

  2. But then it’s always that sad feeling when you already let everything out and you can’t do it more or again 😛

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