showing my Face in Videos?

Hey Everybody 🙂

in all the videos I´ve uploaded i hide / cut out my face so no one could see it so far lol
but now i found some “older” Wetting-Videos where u could at least see a bit of my face 🙂
and now I´m wondering – since the videos can only be watched by (premium) registered members –
if i should upload them although u could see my face lol

I mean is it too risky? or are here just people who (like me) just enjoy watching the wetting videos
and dont want to “blackmail” the members who show their face?

… what do you think abou it? shall i upload some “Face showing” videos? lol


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  1. I always enjoy videos more if I can see the guy’s face.
    As you say , only registered members will be able to view them so I think you would be safe to show yourself.
    Go ahead. upload them and show us all how handsome you are.

  2. I would be careful. Once downloaded the video can be submitted elsewhere (like on x-tube) an be public to everyone. Remember, the internet does never forget – also not in 20 years when you might have become a famous actor, and someone might dig that old nasty thing out… and, I don’t relly trust this site. they have changed their privacy policy mulitple times in the past, videos only to be seen by members suddenly became public to the world, and you would have to manually re-privatize them (an absolute no-go IMHO). The videos are currently not visible to the public, but this might change again in no time.
    Of course it is more enjoyable if people can see your face, but you MIGHT pay a huge fine for that later. I would not risk this for a few fellow perverts’ little additional pleasure.

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