Should have gone before

I was down in the bottom paddock with the ride-on mower and the trailer, pruning back some overhanging vines. As I reached up to trim the first vine, I knew that I should have done a poo before starting, as I could feel the load pressing and wanting to come out. As I was on my own for the weekend, I thought that it would not matter too much if I did it in my pants while pruning.

I allowed the load to have its way and the first lump slid quickly into my pants and settled in my crotch. It was semi-firm and I enjoyed the feeling of it nestling against my balls. Another quick push produced a similar sized lump to join the first. I was enjoying this and I knew that there was more to come. As the pruning progressed, I thought that it was time to see what the third lump was like and I pushed a bit harder. The third one was soft and mushy as it spread out into my pants and I could feel it sliding down. I put my hand at the back of my pants to check the security of the load and the softer poo had already made its way to the leg bands. As there was probably quite a mess down there already, I gave one final push and the last of the soft poo squirted out. As there was not much more room below, I could feel it pushing up to my waist band.

Having carried this load for a while, the softer poo had started to leak and I could feel it sliding down the inside of the long trousers that I had on. I still had to get back up to the house and as I sat on the ride-on seat, I could feel the load spread in all directions. The rough ground did not help as I bounced up and down on the seat. I could feel it coming up in the front of my pants and I put a hand down to check. It had worked its way up to my penis which was well covered in soft poo.

What a mess there was as I took my trousers off. There was poo down my legs and the waist band had been breached, with poo also up my back. The underpants were a write-off, but I managed to salvage the long trousers. The clean up was very messy, but eventually all was back to normal.

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