Should have gone before I left

Well we’re enjoying pretty good weather during lockdown, so I try to go for a walk most days. Now, if you’ve read my other stories you’ll know that I’ve been wrecking my ass and now there are some real life-long consequences of that… Mainly, I’m going to need diapers fairly soon (msg me if you wanna help)

Anyway, I set out for a walk as usual and felt fine, off along the river and was about half way through when I suddenly felt an urge to both pee and poo all of a sudden…. Luckily where I was were some toilets so I thought that’ll be perfect, only to discover that they were closed because of Covid!

Well, I thought I’d better carry on the walk anyway, there were so many people about though that I was both excited and scared of what might happen.

Off I went again and no sooner had I started then I felt it, my poor detroyed ass muscles were trying to tighten to keep something back that was very determined to get out. As I walked I could feel my permanently loose hole loosing the battle as the shit started to make its was out.

I veered off the path and into the woods, following one of many footpaths I then couldn’t fight it any more. I tried to get my shorts and pants down to go in the woods but only managed my shorts. I was there in the middle of the track filling my pants and soaking them with no control.

I grabbed some leaves to try and wipe up, threw the ruined boxers into the undergrowth and then waddled commando come with a shitty broken hole and the hope that no one saw me!

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