Should have gone at work!

If I’m at work and start to feel that I need to take a big shit then I usually put it off until I’m home so I can enjoy it in peace and privacy. One day a few years ago now when I worked at a law firm in London I felt such a stirring in my bowels. This time I should have just gone at work.

I was with a client in the morning when I felt an urge to shit out of nowhere. It wasn’t too bad though and eventually went away. As the day wore on I started getting more uncomfortable down there. It occurred to me that I had not shit all week (this is Friday), probably due to the medication I was on. Eventually I got up to go to the toilet but the phone rang so I stayed at my desk. That was quite an uncomfortable call as my stomach began to cramp quite bad. I was able to hold it together though and the calling client had no idea I was bursting to shit as we spoke.

The journey home meant riding the underground (subway, if you’re in the USA!). As usual for the time of day the trains were packed and there was nowhere to sit down. As I stood I felt the urges to shit grow stronger. My stomach cramped and my colon felt heavier and more full as I resisted each urge. I thought maybe the shit was piling up just behind my anus, getting wider and wider.

When it was time to change trains I had to take a moment to sit on a platform seat. I tried to remain still as the urge to shit came over me again, opening my anus this time. The end of an enormous firm turd started to force its way out, not making much progress due to the chair being there and the way I was wearing under my skirt a tight body shaper from my lower abdomen down to my thighs. This felt so painful that I couldn’t help but wince and squirm in the chair.

I managed to get the turd clenched in again and chose not to bother getting the next train but instead find the nearest toilet right now. As I rode the escalator to street level it was a constant struggle to not let the gigantic log out again. I staggered into the nearest store and looked for their public toilets, there were none to be seen.

At that moment I felt a really severe urge to go and just headed for the ladies fitting cubicles, grabbing some random clothes to pretend to be trying on along the way. Walking was too much for me though, and I felt a terrible stinging pain as my anus peeled around the end of the monster. I had to force myself not to reach “down there” as the first inch or so slid out. I tried not to let anyone see my face as I went to the fitting room as the shit was making my eyes water.

Once inside, I didn’t even think of removing my body shaper or underwear, I just tried pushing the turd out right into them. I had to bite onto my hand to stop from making a sound. It was huge, every time it moved I felt like my anus was ripping. Several times I wanted to clench it off to get a break but it was too firm to be cut off.

After about 5 minutes enough was out that my body shaper was tenting out from me a good few inches and was actually stopping any more emerging. I did not realise this at first and spent some time pointlessly pushing as hard as I could in agony. Eventually I used a hand to move the turd downwards and pushed the rest out.

With how tight my shaper was there was no way the shit could fall out of the legs and so I was able to keep the bulge in place but hidden by my shirt and jacket (which I tied around my waist) as I made my way to the actual bathroom to flush!

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  1. One of the best, hottest stories here. Hard constipated turds that rip the anus are the best

  2. Excellent story and a huge welcome back as you were away for a long time

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