Short stories about desperate strangers

“Just a second!”

After having a delightful dinner in a little restaurant with some of my relatives, everyone was now expecting their dessert. After the food and drinks, my body was telling me that it was better to find relief as soon as possible, and I decided to listen. 
The men’s restrooms was proportional to the size of the restaurant: It had two sinks, two urinals and one stall with a toilet. I only needed to pee, and in any other ocasion I would have used one of the urinals, but both were occuped then, so I took the stall.
I was about to flush, when I got distracted by a sound behind me. It seemes that someone has tried to open the door, which was of course locked. Automatically after, someone started knocking it. A male voice came from the other side: “I’m sorry, are you going to take much longer?”. It didn’t sound like someone who was about to lose control, but there was a slight tone of anxiety in his voice. “I’m almost done!” I answered, almost without thinking about it. The truth is, I was already done, but he really couldn’t know as I hadn’t flushed yet, and by the way the stall was arranged, he couldn’t see me from his position. 
“What to do?” I thought. A part of me wanted to free the poor man from his predicament, however it was too good to let it pass. I decided to wait in there, just a little while, just to see what happened.
I stood there in silence. I could hear his steps coming and going inside the tiny room. He would ocassionally sigh with a worried tone. After about a minute, I heard him saying “fuck”, and once again he knocked the door. “Please, are you done yet?”, this time he sounded much more worried than before. “Just a second!” Was my answer. This time he didn’t walk around, but he stayed right in front of the door. I assumed that by now he must have been in real pain, and even though I would have love to delay his relief some more, I decided I’ve had enough fun already, so I finally flushed the toilet, and opened the door.
“Finally!” he said, clearly relieved. I was only able to look at him for a second before he dissapeared inside the stall. He was around 40 years old, and pretty overweight. His face was red and he was sweating. My guess is that he had eaten something that had made his stomach upset. Just then I realized how much time I had spent inside the restrooms, so I decided it was better go back to my table than to hear the fireworks.
“Disgrace on the Road”

After several hours on the road, it was getting dark, and we still had a good ten or twelve hours ahead of us before we reached our destination. That’s the bad thing about vacationing while you live in a big country, I guess. We were all very tired, so we decided to stop at the next town and spend the night there. We had made a stop a couple of hours ago, so when the car stopped in what it seemed to be the only gas station of the little town, none of us really needed to use the restrooms. However, it is never a bad idea to get as much relief as you can when you’re going to spend several hours inside a car. However, when me and one of my friends got there, we found the well known “Cleaning” sign. Not a big deal, we were just fine.

We turned around, and almost collide with a man that was obviously heading to the restrooms aswell. He looked at us, a little confused of our apparent sudden change of mind, then he realized it. “Are they cleaning them?” He asked. We said yes, and his nervouness became really evident in the expression his face adopted. “What a disgrace!” he said. Then, he turned around, and went back to the station’s snack bar. At that moment, I noticed he was holding a roll of toilet papper.
We joined our others friends at a table at the snack bar, and luckily for me, the man was sitting at another table just in front of me. He was with a woman that I assumed was his wife. The lady was talking about something I couldn’t hear, but I could tell he wasn’t paying attention. He was looking through the big window right by the table, shaking one of his legs and surrounding his gut with one of his arms. 
We left shortly after, as we needed to find a place to stay for the night, and he was still there, in a very similar position, but probably way more desperate.

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