shopping trip

I was out shopping just looking round the stores and I saw a couple girls hiding behind the towel racks so I went round just out of interest to see what was going on . one girl was whispering in the other girls ear and holding her hand by her tummy , the girl listening saw me and smiled and said hi , I replied back saying hi to and said are you ok . she then said yes I am fine but my friend here needs the loo she needs to poo , well I said there a toilet on the next floor , no the girl says you don’t understand she dose’nt want use a toilet she likes to poo her pants its her fetish , wow I see I said well is she going poo them here what about the smell and other people being around , that’s what makes it exciting that’s why she enjoys doing it the girl said . I said I understand what you say and have done it myself but never in public . the girl say wow that’s cool , she then said the only problem is we cant go home to clean up mom would go mad at her , I said I see well I live on my own you come clean up there if want , she said really and said to her mate we can go to his place if you want to clean up , her mate turned and smiled and said great and introduce there selves as jo and sam, sam being the girl who needed to poo . sam walked about a bit leaning slightly forward as she went jo said to me this is great thanks for helping us . no problem I said then sam came back towards us and said I am pooing my pants and I could see by the look on her face she was enjoying it o god she said I can feel my pants filling with warm poo feels so good thanks mister and gave me a kiss on the cheek . she then turned round and lifted her skirt to show me the bulge in her pants was quiet large I was impressed by the amount . I said guess we better go sort out the mess in your pants before it leaks out she chuckled and said ok but I need pee to but I do that outside as we head to your place. I said ok I only live round corner and we all headed of to my place . once outside sam says I am going pee my pants now and stood still as she did , I notice the flow of pee as it run down her legs in to her she’s then overflow out of them onto pavement jo laughed at sam and said wow look at all that hot piss . we got to my place and sam waddled her way to my bathroom and jo started to get sam out of her messed clothes , taking her top of leaving her in her bra she started to take down sams pants the was a big mess spread over her ass and stuck between her ass cheeks , jo shower her ass of as poo fell down into shower tray , it was good to see her sexy ass clean up and jo said yeah we like cleaning each other up as we have pooed ,we re close friends and it gets us horny and we usually masturbate each other , I said don’t let me stop you if you want but jo said they got get home else they would have but if you like we come back and both poo our pants in front of you, you could join us if you want , I said mmm tempting think I enjoy that with such sexy looking girls . they giggled and sam just put back on her clothes except for her pants she left them for me to keep . the girls said we off now but we be back next week and we have a poo orgy then mmm I said ok see ya then take care and they left end

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  1. WOW.You won the lottery there. That is what I always am looking for,someone pooping their panties that I can help out and get them to do it with me later.

  2. glad you liked it I thought you may as the story line is something you would enjoy I do more when I have time a part 2

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