Shoppers' Ignorance

The heavyset man farted. It was a loud one, a raunchy one—one that another human being simply couldn’t ignore. The man looked around the aisle with a smirk on his face, but made sure not to look over his shoulder. He didn’t want to seem too obvious. A few people around him smelled the air and scowled, while others just casually walked past him. Darry snickered to himself as he continued to walk down the aisle and turned over near the frozen food section. Darry looked like any normal grocery shopper: he was just some white guy looking to buy food. He wore a royal blue sweatshirt with the same colored sweatpants to go along with them. His sneakers were mostly gray and white, and the boxer-briefs he had on beneath his pants were light green and smelled a bit funky. He wasn’t morbidly obese or even all that fat. He was just chubby, and had a big belly and fat ass to prove it. Most people would consider Darry to be a regular guy. But in reality, he was a walking stink bomb.

As Darry headed over to grab some milk, he let go of his shopping cart and leaned over into the chilly compartment of the store. He let out a nice fart that sputtered against his underwear and exhaled, knowing he could do better. Lifting his right leg a little, he pushed out another, loud gas bubble that sounded like a deep horn blaring. Darry looked around, wondering if any shoppers were nearby. They weren’t. Disappointed, Darry grabbed a gallon of milk and went into another aisle. He stopped beside the beans and groaned as he heard his stomach rumbling. He hadn’t taken a shit in three days, but now his bowels were full and ready to empty themselves. Not yet, he told himself. Just wait a little longer. Darry rubbed his distended belly and patted it a few times, waiting for his chance. As he grabbed a can of baked beans, he casually broke wind, the fart sounding very squishy as it vibrated against his underwear. A nice-looking businesswoman walked by and slowed down as she sniffed the gas. Then she immediately started to walk faster, hoping to get away from the stench.

As Darry picked up another can of beans, he could see someone—a heavyset man who was much fatter than him—walking down the same aisle. Darry pretended to fumble the can of beans, dropping them on the floor with a loud clatter. He swore to himself and turned around, bending over so far that his fat ass bulged against his sweatpants. He waited until the man was directly behind him before passing gas again. It was very deep and sputtered for several seconds; it was the type of fart you’d expect to come out of a man’s behind after he drank too much milk or ate too many beans. The other man caught wind of it immediately and waved a hand in front of his nose as he took two steps back. Darry picked up his can of beans and nonchalantly tossed them in the cart.

“Whew, sounds like you should lay off them beans, buddy!” said the shopper.

Darry just looked at him and smirked. “Nah. They are good for your heart, y’know!”

Darry kept walking until he turned and walked down another aisle. This time he saw a kid getting some school supplies with his mother and timed everything perfectly. Just as he walked behind them, he ripped a fart so nasty that he knew he just sharted himself. The kid’s mother sniffed the air and immediately looked down at her son, wondering if he just had an accident. Darry stood right beside them and picked up a pack of paper before the kid’s mother sniffed again. Exhaling, she grabbed his hand and started to drag him away.

“Come on, we’re taking you to the bathroom.”

“What? But I don’t have to go.”

“Not anymore, no. You just went in your pants again! What have I told you about doing that on purpose?!”

Darry had to force himself not to laugh as he saw the kid being taken away and heard him desperately try to explain that he didn’t shit himself. Darry resumed shopping and knew that he wouldn’t be able to keep his load inside. Even now he could feel the shit on the verge of coming out. A huge turd was beginning to stick out of his anus now; all he needed to do was push. So Darry walked around the store until he found the busiest aisle the store had to offer. Perfect, he thought. The heavyset man heard his stomach grumbling and grabbed it again, knowing his body wouldn’t wait to excrete the waste. So Darry headed down the lane, passing various adults ranging from their mid-20s to their early 60s, and stopped near all the flour, corn meal, sugar, and other mixes used to fry meats or bake desserts. Darry didn’t even try to hold in his nasty load. But the man was sly and still mischievous despite being in his late 20s. He crouched down so he could examine all the flour and corn meal, his ass sticking out in the process. Then he loosened his bowels.

Everything went silent. Darry tuned out all the noise around him. All Darry could hear was the soft hiss his shit made as it began to slide out. It came out slowly at first, oozing out his rectum very smoothly. But once it hit his underwear, the rest came out fast. There was a series of crackling and hissing that only Darry could hear. He could feel his brown feces coiling itself around in his boxer-briefs, causing them to bulge outwards. The shit wasn’t soft, but it had no room to maneuver, so it wound up piling on top of itself until it created a huge ball of stinky brown sludge. Darry grunted silently a few times as he felt his pants sag a little. He reached for a bag of flour before shaking his head and changing his mind. Darry let out a muffled fart as the smell reached his nose. His shit didn’t stink too much, but anyone standing close to him would definitely smell it. He was so tempted to fall on the floor so he could smash the load against his fat ass, but that would’ve been a bit too obvious. Darry exhaled as he pushed out another log. Much to his enjoyment, it rushed out very fast.

The second log almost made tons of noise and made his sweatpants sag even further. It was amazing how no one could hear the voluminous crackling or the muffled farts that slipped out from time to time. Then Darry heard a disgusting splorch and knew he just pushed out a giant glob of soft shit all over his undies. The man started to blush. His underwear was full; shit was all over them. Some of it was smeared around his balls, his buttocks were absolutely filthy, and he was leaking a small amount of precum. Darry exhaled after soiling himself and promptly “found” the right brand of flour he was seeking. The chubby man took a bag, tossed it into his cart, and started to walk down the aisle. He moved slower than a snail, walking behind every shopper he saw. He heard a few of them sniff the air, but only one of them bothered to glance at Darry when he smelled shit in the air. Just as Darry left the aisle, he saw the large bulge sagging from his behind and scowled.

“…You can’t be fuckin’ serious,” he mumbled to himself with disgust.

Finished with his shopping, Darry went to the checkout line and placed his groceries on the conveyor belt. He greeted the cashier, a young woman with black hair who seemed like she was in college, before he glanced over his shoulder and saw another person in the same line as him. Darry knew the guy in line saw his bulge and smelled his feces. He was trying so hard not to notice his mess that it seemed obvious that he had already seen it. But Darry just smirked to himself, proud that he could get away with shitting himself in a grocery store. After Darry’s groceries were scanned and he paid the cashier, the bagger offered to take Darry’s cart out to his vehicle. That proved to be a big mistake once he saw Darry’s bulging behind and smelled the rotten waste caked inside.

“Err…sir? We, um…we uh…diapers are in aisle eight if you…well…”

Darry couldn’t help but laugh at the bagger. He was blushing more than Darry did after he soiled himself. The bagger didn’t know what to say and felt very awkward. He wasn’t even insulting the man; he was offering much needed advice. This hadn’t been the first time the bagger ran into someone who shat himself at the store. He knew that some of the shoppers were incontinent and couldn’t help themselves. But Darry had no intention of padding his fat rump. He was fine just the way he was.

“Thanks, but I think I’ll be okay. I’ll keep that in mind next time though!”

Next time? thought the bagger. Is he gonna shit himself in here again? The bagger didn’t want to know. He just shook his head as Darry walked away with his cart chuckling. The chubby man just spent all that time farting and shitting himself and only two people bothered to stop and say anything about it to his face. Darry was feeling cocky now. Maybe he should shit himself in public more often. Hell, why not piss himself too? Maybe more people would notice the giant stain on his trousers, or the drops of urine he left behind. Maybe not. Darry knew from experience that sometimes, ignorance was bliss. But he couldn’t say the same for the shoppers around him today.

For them, ignorance stank.

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  1. That sounds like the kind of pants i want to be, a chubby guys boxers. The tightness of them and then the smell i would constinatly have and the occasionally load in me:P if only dreams could come true

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