Shitty Day

When I was younger I had the shittiest day of my life, literally.I woke up to having the flu,so I turned on my tv and stayed inside for a couple hours. I then had the sudden urge to to take a huge crap,so I got off the couch and ran to the first bathroom I saw,I sat down and looked to my left, no toilet paper.So I then ran upstairs,at this point I was about to blow.I ran to my upstairs bathroom,no toilet paper.I go to my other bathroom, I was about to pull my pants down but before I even sat down I had the biggest shit in my entire lifetime. So I take off my now bulging underwear and grab a shoebox full of books.I take off the cover,pull out the books, throw in my shitty underwear and close the box,throw it in my outside trash cans and nobody was the wiser.

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