Shitting your pants when sitting down

I like to shit my pants whilst sitting in a chair. If it is nice and soft, it will forced up your bottom and when you sit back it spreads it all around. The feeling of soft warm shit all over your bottom is divine.

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  1. Have to try that, though I’d be inclined to lift my butt off the seat a little bit…

  2. I’ve shit on a chair feels amazing when you put your Ass back completely on the chair a move around a bit

  3. That feels so good!!!!! I miss being able to do that on the regular. I agree with bikerboy about it being soft. Also with Colleen about moving around a bit. That hot mess feels wonderful. This may seem a bit much – but it’s been times when I’d do that, all while playing a video game, watching TV, or even drinking or eating. It’s relaxing. Even better when i can push another load into it. The cleanup is always challenging, but well worth it.
    Something else I’ve done; stood and walked while pushing a load into my underwear with my pants on, then sat down and enjoyed it. One more thing. Don’t it feel good to fart into that messy bulge?

  4. Yes sir nothing like a good fart bubbling in your briefs. I like to slide forward and have my load flow up the front Now hung like a loopy pouch . I hate it it it flows up and out the back . I don’t know maybe from essing my pants as a kid I learned to gently sit n it and work it way fowarad so I wouldn’t leak. I thought knit wouldn’t be as noticabke until someone gets a whiff then you’re busted!

  5. Done that many times in my diaper while driving. A lot of times poop will come up the back of my diaper and get my clothes and the car seat

  6. I lift myself off the chair, do the deed then sit back down. Love the feeling!

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