Shitting with a friend

A few years ago I had a friend staying for the weekend. Always having a fetish for guys farting and shitting, I knew my friend would have to take a dump soon after having his first coffee of the day. He no sooner started to drink his coffee and he made a bee line for the toilet.
Surprisingly he didn’t close the door like he usually does but left it wide open and invited me in. He said that I’d asked before if I could watch as his shit came out of him and although usually he said no for some unknown reason this time he was prepared to let me watch. Well with him “busting” to let loose he soon had his undies down and instead of sitting on the toilet seat he sat on the bowl. A loud fart erupted from his anus followed by an explosion of hot smelly shit. It must have been the double pepperoni pizza the night before. It was a real bowl sprayer and his stomach was still groaning after the initial blast.
He stood up and put the toilet seat down and sat on it. I thought the shows over, but he asked me to suck his cock. So I sucked his cock savouring the aroma of his hot shit and with his stomach still groaning he said that more shit was to come. So he lent forward and with a little fart small soft pieces of shit oozed out of his hole into a steady stream. He said he’d finished and would I wipe him. So handing me the toilet roll I wiped his hole and he then said lets take a shower. So flushing the toilet and seeing the skid marks in the bowl  which made me horny for his poo hole we had a shower..        

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  1. To FirmBrown, yes we did including camping trips into the bush with no toilets and so he’d find a fallen tree to sit on and then shit over the back. He’d let me watch it come out and ask me to wipe him. He’d do the loudest smelly farts I’d ever heard or smelt.

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