Shitting with a friend part 2

So we had a shower together. My shower and bath are combined. Having the water nice and hot I was surprised when he asked me to wash him. Using the soap to lather him up all over paying particular attention to his cock, balls and hot shit hole. After he’d rinsed off he asked if he could wash me. Naturally I said yes. So he soaped me up making sure I was nice and clean in all the right places and after I’d rinsed off he put the bath plug in the plug hole and turning up the hot water temperature the bath commenced to fill.
Once full he said he wanted me to fuck him and lick his hole and also wanted to do the same to me. He asked me to give him an enema to clean out is rectum. So having lube in the bathroom I got him to get on all fours and proceeded to lube his tight little hole ready for the insertion of the enema tube. He gave out a soft moan as I squeezed the soft enema bottle squirting hot water deep into his hole. After having squirted three full bottles into him I pulled out the enema tube and told him to expel the water. His shit hole was pointing at my chest. At first pure water came out, then a small fart and a torrent of water full of shit hit my chest. My cock was rock hard as pieces of shit slowly slid down my torso and floated in the water. After a few my enemas the ejecting water ran clean. So it was my turn to be flushed out. I did want to lick him out even if he hadn’t had an enema but he said no as he wanted to kiss me.
I hadn’t had a shit but was needing to go. So he filled my bum with three loads from the enema bottle and sitting in the same position as me with me on all fours with his legs under me I proceeded to empty out. At first a bit of water came out followed by a long fat turd that went splosh into the water. He refilled my hole and I gave him and nice runny load of shit.
I expected his cock to be soft but looking under and back I could see he was at full mast and was obviously very turned on by the experience as his cock was poking out of the water and leaking pre-cum.
After I was clean inside I picked up my turd log and put it into the toilet, pulled the plug and turning on the shower rinsed his chest off as little pieces of my shit were clinging to his chest hair.
Once nice and clean I dried him with a large soft beach towel and he dried me and we headed for the bedroom for some hard horny sex.       

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