Shitting on the way back from Tesco

This was the same week as Accident in the Morning #2.

I had gone to Tesco (supermarket) and its a huge one. It was early evening, dark and I hadn’t douched that morning for a change. I was just pottering about when I suddenly felt things begin to move down there. Luckily I’d picked up everything but, of course, there was a queue of total morons in front of me at the self-service checkouts.

I can’t hold anymore, mostly cos I can’t squeeze tight enough to make a difference anymore. So I can sort of hold for a short time but then it just gets to a stage where I just can’t. As I was scanning things I knew I wasn’t going to be doing this shit in a toilet but tried to at least not do it in a full Tesco.

As I was leaving the store I immediately felt it begin to slide out. As it was quite soft if just oozed out slowly with every step. I’m so wrecked i don’t even have to slow or stop walking for me to shit myself, so as I walked home more and more poo filled my boxers. It made me push and my rosebud /prolapse came out too. As it (prolapse) is getting bigger, it’s harder and harder to tell what’s poo and what’s prolapse but I seemed to have finished shitting after about 5mins.

I had to sneak past the housemates quickly and leap into the shower before someone could ask too many questions. At this rate I don’t think it’ll be long before one of them or some random person outdoors catches me though!

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  1. Omg dude this is so hot …. You are my mess super hero haha

  2. Wow dude, I have severe IBS-D so I have kind of the same problem where I can’t hold anything. Forget underwear just wear a diaper and enjoy the squish of the mess. 😉

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