Shitting myself on Christmas Day

Today, as an unexpectant gift to myself on the way home from Christmas celebrations, I shit myself. 

For Christmas this year I spent it with a friend’s family to avoid the cost and trouble of having to travel to see my own. The day went by without incident, just a day spent picking over a meal and drinking. All very jolly really. On the way home I decided to stop by to see another friend to she how their Christmas how gone, enjoying a few more drinks there as well. As the day was getting late I decided it was best to had home, after a large Christmas meal and unknown number of drinks. 
Everything was going fine until I got half-way home, about ten – fifteen minutes away. I could feel the pressure building in my bowels, suggesting I take a shit. I knew this could be a problem as over the past year, the on set of such a sensation has lead to me shitting myself. This wasn’t going to be the first occasion by a long way and I doubt it would be the last. 
All was going well until I had to start heading up a hill, now only five minutes away from home. I am not sure what it was, the incline of the hill changing the way I was walking or perhaps I had simply reached my limited, but, halfway up the hill a load of shit  slipped out completely beyond my control. I just kept walking trying to ignore what was happening, the only way someone would notice anything was amiss from the sudden appearance of a bulge in the back of my dress pants and the louder than intended ‘ugh’ I let out as the load filled my underwear relieving the uncomfortable pressure I had been walking with for the past ten minutes. 
The shit formed a dense ball about the size of my fist in the back of my pants. I could feel that it had caused the back of my pants to bulge in what would be a rather obvious manner. The street was mercifully empty. During my shitting a short burst of piss escaped as well, leaving a small patch on my underwear with a few warm drops running down my legs. I studiously kept walking trying to appear oblivious to the fact that I had just shit myself.
This was of course ridiciulous as I could feel the dense ball in the back of my pants, bulging them out. There was also the obvious stench of shit that I was catching in whiffs as I powered on. Neither of these sensation were as pronounced as the feeling of shit slowly spreading as i walked on. As it felt like a firm ball I was hopeful it might not spread, I was having no such luck. I felt it smear across my ass cheeks with every step  and also slowly working forward across my taint towards my balls. 
I made it home without meeting anyone in the street to catch me in my soiled state. I was also lucky to find no one home. I headed straight to the bathroom once inside but the damage was well done by then. By now I could still feel a large gal;l of shit in the back of my pants but I could also feel it smeared across my ass and beginning to come up under my balls.

As I dropped my pants I saw a large wet spot on the seat of my pants. The wetness of the load had soaked through. It also seemed that my beer-briefs were not enough to contain the load as creamy brown shit was to be found along lines that marked the leg holes of my underwear. I squatted over the toliet as I pulled down my underwear. A satisfying splash let me know that the late ball of turd was out of my pants. The underwear was wet from the moisture and covered in a thick layer of shit that had spread around as I walked. 
Realising the extend of the damage I jumped into the shower to wash off the shit. It wasn’t the solid ball of shit I had thought it to be but instead a dense ball of creamy turd. While a large part of it had maintained it’s shape bulging my pants, it was was the perfect consistency to spread across my skin with the movement of my stride. It took a good few minutes of rubbing the shit under warm water to remove it from where it had begin to cake on my body, the warm water only making my predicament more obvious by diffusing the smell. 
I stepped out of the shower feeling totally dejected. I had just shit my pants, with little warning in the middle of the street. Despite the soap I used I could still smell the tangy  stench of shit in the air from what I had just washed off. In the sink, washed out but forever stained was my underwear and delicately placed by the door were my pants with the brown skid marks still needing to be taken care of. At twenty-six I am having to considered that my New Years Resolution might have to be around needing the proper protection to ensure my clothing and image don’t suffer from such embarrassing experiences as they have started to become weekly if not more regular occurrence occurrences. 

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  1. I would have loved to hear about you holding it all in and getting really desperate and still wanting to keep holding it in and how you are going about holding it in

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