Every day after school I would load my pants with a decent sized number two. I had held it back all day at school and since no one was home when I got off the school bus and made it into the house, I would choose to fill my pants in the second floor bathroom. So essentially it was “He’s upstairs shitting in his pants!” It felt so good to come home from school and remember the faces of the cute boys at school and pretend I was doing it right in front of them for attention. Then I would sit down in it and squish the mess all over my undies and then masturbate. I had a fetish and desire to stand in front of cute boys and load my pants with mega shit and then wet and masturbate right in front of them. Clean up was horrendous and I only had a short period of time to shower, wash out my messy underpants and hide them plus air the house out so when my parents came home their wouldn’t be any suspicion that I had been naughty. It was daily unless I did it at school.

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  1. Same here. I had a two block walk home from school, s soon as I got to the alley away from every one. It felt sooo good to just “let tit go” in my pants.

  2. Me too, often sat at the back of class and timed it so that I could mess my pants and sit in it at the end of class. When the bell went all the other kids ran out so had time to make a plan to waddle home with shit filled briefs and jeans…good days

  3. In third grade I rode the bus with a kid who got off at my stop. He had just moved in a few weeks ago. I noticed each day that instead of walking up the road to his house, he’d run off into the bushes when we got off the bus. One day I followed him and as I got through the bushes, I found him half bent over with a massive pile in the seat of his jeans. He began to cry when he saw me. I was holding a turd back for when I got home, so I took his hand and put it against my butt so he could feel me going poop. He stopped crying and began to smile. I realized at that moment he was peeing. His folks were working so he had the house until late, so we went and cleaned up there. We kept a change of pants in our book bags, and did this almost every day until we graduated high school. Several times we’d have accidents on the bus from holding too long but no one ever noticed as far as we knew. We were a real couple until he left for college, and we just went our separate always. Our parents never knew, except for his mom. She was furious at us when she found massive cum stains all over his bed sheets after a rather great weekend when we had the house all to ourselves, lol. Thanks for triggering those memories:)

  4. Remembering in the 50s growing up in a rural area riding the bus home having to walk up a steep path through the trees to the house, several times getting off the bus having an intense bm trying to push its way out. I was so afraid I’d poop my pants having to bend over climbing the path and my mom would be mad. I don’t remember ever pooping my pants but coming ever so close.

  5. mssyboy, when I was a junior in hs, I’d come home to an empty house and go down to the basement laundry room in my t shirt and briefs. I’d have to poop pretty bad and I’d strain to keep it in. I’d sit on an old chair and fantasize sitting in class having to poop and not being allowed to use the restroom. I’d sit there and piss my briefs (with an erection) and then push a bm into my briefs forcing it to squish around as I’d slightly lean to one side as I pooped my pants. There was a toilet there and I’d eventually get up and waddle with my pooped pants to it and dump the poop into it. I’d use the wash tub to clean up and rince my briefs out.

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