Doing it in my pants at school was the ultimate rush in seventh grade. I had a crush on a teacher and wanted her to change me. Well at school teachers were not required to change students pants at any grade especially the more grown up grades. Anyhow, I had a crush on a teacher that I knew was touching boys and used a pants change for an excuse to touch a boy that had an accident in his pants. She had a secret room off the teachers lounge that she took her “boys” to and changed “molested” them. I got taken to her room and once in there it was a magical place. The walls were filled with shelving full of underpants, diapers, wipes, and what I thought were sex toys. I was young and not sure. I didn’t want that I just wanted her to treat me like a child that messed in his pants at school and needed cleaned up. It felt so good to get changed by that teacher. The mommy girl load changer teacher. I went back to class with different clothes on and that started my classmates wondering what happened to me. The curiosity of other boys started a huge teasing and it made me want to go in my pants again. I spent most of that grade away from studies because my pants had shit and piss in them. It was fun!

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  1. If you were old enough, you may have considered trying to fuck her. I was puling my pork at age 12 or 13 but I think I saw cum out my dick at 11 or 12 when I pushed rather hard for a turd out my ass.

  2. I never shit my pants until I was 17 and fuckin’ a teen age girl at the same time. That’s when I realized the enjoyment and thrill of it. We were swimming at a stream and I just pulled down the front of my trunks to let my dick into her pussy. My ass was still covered by my swim trunks and when I pooped, it felt like a ton of shit came out and bulged my ass end of my trunks. I shot my load immediately after I pooped it all out. It felt so nice, relaxing, and enjoyable that I started doing it on my own. To date, I have done more than 1000 episodes and still pooping strong. I enjoy each and every one of them and find each one more enjoyable than the last one. And yes, I masturbate after each one to enhance the feeling.

  3. School accidents more often than not get you hooked.

  4. I was hooked on shitting in my pants as early as 6th grade. It wasn’t until 7th that I started to do it in my pants in school.

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