Shitting In Rugby Shorts

At High School we wore really stiff, heavily starched, navy blue, cotton drill rugby shorts (which I still get today). I prefered not to wear underpants and didnt like washing them because I like the stiff feel of the cotton drill rubbing against me. The seam up the arse of them always gave me a dirty wedgie so I would push a bit of shit out into them before training and finger it in. I often smelt shit in guys shorts at rugby training and used to get hard. Anyway my best buddy ( who always grabbed my cock or arse in a scrum)  stuck his finger in the arse of my rugby shorts in a scrum and felt the shit. After training he approached me and he had an erection and a dark patch in the arse of his shorts. He told me that he knew that I had shit my shorts and that it turned him on so much that he shit in his too (except a lot more than me at that moment). Anyway he wanted me to shit myself with him and jerk off with our cocks over the elastic of our shorts. From then on we used to go for cross country runs early in the morning and encourage each other to shit in our shorts and check out the bulge. He would grab the arse of my shorts and I did his and then we would shit ourselves and smear it around (neither of us wore underpants) so that it was caked in our shorts and behind our nuts and in our arse crack. We soon progressed to shitting in our stiff Levis aswell. Love to hear from other guys who shit their shorts or jeans. Still do it heaps.

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  1. lucky for you ,you had afriend to share in sexual shitting there is probably a lot of wpb mem bers that are envious me for one just dreaming about fingers in your shitty asshole started my hard little cock dripping jizz. thank you

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