This story is about how I got brave and started doing it in my pants in public. I was younger and living at home and would always go shopping with my mom. She would spend hours in grocery stores trying to save pennies on items. Bargain shopping was to my advantage. It gave me time to mess my pants and enjoy the load I did. One day we went to a chain bargain warehouse type grocery store that was in the mall. I chose to wait in the mall and that was out of the ordinary for me so it sort of put a wonderment to my mom what I was up to. She had really had it with my pants messing and as I left she said “Don’t shit in your pants!”. That was the wrong thing to say to me because I was precisely going to shit myself and I hoped it would be massively large. I had been messing my pants since 5th grade and now four years later still doing it. I was so into looking at cute boys from school and my age. I got turned on by their looks. Face, hands, rear end were the areas I stared at and if I had to do a load, well then I would say to my self that ….”he is a load changer”…
and with that I would start to grunt and push out what was pressing on my lower stomach. I couldn’t wait to get a mess out and into my pants. I liked the bulge it created and the stains that ruined my undies…like diapers they needed to be thrown out. That particular day there was three very cute boys from the school across town. That school had tons of gay boys and probably also did #2 in their pants. I saw them and I said the famous words and got closer to them. I could feel my penis get hard and then harder as I began the grunting process. Once my log came out of my ass crack it fell rapidly to the seat part of my undies. PLOP! it went and I just shit my pants and in front of hot,cute gay boys from middle school. Of course after I shit I have to wet. So I stared at them again and began to urinate in my pants. All the urine was dribbling down my leg and some was getting on the shit too. I was starting to stink too. The ride home would be 30-35 minutes so I would be sitting in all of this that long. I past the boys up and one commented that I had wet myself and then began to laugh louder as he saw the brown staining coming through my top clothing. I had successfully loaded my pants in front of three cute boys. Changer boys as I wanted to get my pants changed by cute boys. My mom saw what I did when she caught up with me on her checkout. I stunk and she knew what I had done. She was mad and I got a swat on my behind in public for all to see. Like I was a 6 year old getting reprimanded with a spanking. That was cool because I was acting much younger than I really was and little boys get spankings when their bad. In public shit and wet my pants and embarrass my mom. We had to walk the whole mall to get to the car. Most that saw me took a second look as a normal boy my age would not have done what I did. We got about 30 feet from the door when a second urge to shit came on and I stopped dead in my tracks. My mom knew all my moves by now and knew what I was doing. I went into a trance not listening to her telling me to stop using my pants. I pushed and grunted and ecstacy again… A long soft log of shit exiting and doing another PLOP! into my undies. The bulge became even bigger and I like big ones so I was very happy and pleased with myself. I was going to be sitting down in this pretty soon in the car. Once I got to the car she started yelling at me and said that I would have to sit in it too. That day was when she found out how much I really like this stuff. I told her that sitting down in it was the funnest part. When I got home and pulled down my pants to reveal the damage I then immediately pulled them back up. I was not going to change these anytime soon. This mess made my pants hang down-sag and I wanted to leave it in there for a while. More staining and hopefully another mess.

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  1. I love shitting my panties at the mall too.I try not to be noticed though but I love the feeling of soft warm shit filling my panties and when I sit on it the feeling of it getting spread all over my ass is so good and always makes me so horny.Once I get in my car I have to masturbate until I squirt into my panties and of course I love to pee into the mess too.

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