I bought diapers that resemble baby diapers. I have one on and I had to do #2. The urge got stronger and stronger so I hopped in the car and drove down to the store. I have this fetish about pretty girls in their 20’s and 30’s . They are always hot and cute and I want them to change my dirty diapers. It was an indoor mall with many stores. Most malls are empty but it was a weekend day and full of people. I saw lots of pretty girls and I found a girl so pretty I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was far enough away she couldn’t watch me poop myself but I was close enough to see her face and hands. I was letting it go and the poop flowed out smoothly into the seat part of the diaper. A grown boy pooping himself in a store right in front of a pretty girl. If she had been closer to me it would of been real obvious what I was doing. I made grunt sounds as the shit pushed up against my diaper walls. There was resistance and I had to push to release my #2 into my pants. The smell was going to give me away that I shit myself. I really wanted her to smell it and see her reaction to a grown boy having shit in his pants. She was not by herself but with other girls. They were also pretty and had soft hands. I got a little closer to her and then she noticed the smell. She stared my way and as I turned for a minute she saw what appeared to be a wrinkle in my clothes. The telltale sign there is #2 in the pants. Wrinkles means loads. I turned back to look at her and that’s when I saw the girls sort of looking at me and talking and laughing and staring back and I knew they knew what I did. They were just hanging out …not leaving the area . On their cellphones probably texting about what they just saw. I wanted to hear what they were saying about me. When I poop I always have to wet afterwards. I stared at the girl I saw first and began to soak my diaper. Pee was dribbling all over my privates and the shit. That’s what I could feel. I had a pair of short pants on that were tight enough to show those creases and wrinkles in the diaper. After I wet my diaper was hanging way down. Luckily I had short pants to hold it up . I love to do this in front of pretty girls for their reaction good or bad. My desire to have my pants changed by a pretty girl with soft hands. Wearing diapers satisfies the baby need…filling them satisfies the changing need. In the real world after I loaded my pants I didn’t have anything to change into so I had a long drive home. At a point where I could be more alone on the road I pulled over and stripped down to where I only had a diaper on. Diapers and a tee shirt the rest of the trip. The coolest part is they saw it and smelled it . I want to me more bold next time. I think one of those girls works in a store there so I hope to see her again and the bold thing will be squatting down next to her and make loud grunt sounds as I load my pants full of shit.

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