Shitting for You

(Fantasy as requested by a fan, I never really do sexual stories but here you go. Writing prompts were “Desperate to shit”, “Taken from behind”, and that it be addressed to “you” as the reader).

I rocked gently in my seat, caressing my stomach and moaning softly. I quickly looked around to see if any of the other customers had noticed. Thankfully everyone else in the coffee shop was pre-occupied with their own business. I glanced out of the window and down the street, doing my best to see into the reception area of the building you worked in. “Come on”, I said under my breath, “Where are you?”

A week earlier I had been having drinks with my friend Jade, your now ex-girlfriend. She had told me things. “He kept wanting to watch me shit!”, she had exclaimed, “can you believe that?”. “Really”, I replied, “How do you mean?”.

“Well not constantly like all the time”, she continued, “Occasionally when I needed the toilet he would try to take me to bed instead, like for sex!”. The look on her face implied I was meant to find this to be shocking. “He said, no worries I don’t mind if you lose control while we fuck, can you believe that?”. “Wow that sounds pretty crazy”, I replied, “Did you do it?”. “No, eww, Leia!”, came the answer. “Oh, and one time when I was constipated he kept wanting to see it come out, just to make sure I was OK he said”, she went on. “Eww, why would he do that? Do you think it turns him on?”.

More intense rumblings from my rectum brought me out of the memory of that conversation and back to the coffee shop. I had hoped that it did turn you on. I had also hoped Jade hadn’t been exaggerating about “that cock though” and how “solid like steel” it was. I glanced around after realising I was fidgeting badly in my seat. No-one appeared to have noticed the woman sitting quietly in the corner bursting to shit. I was in quite a bit of pain now.

Looking down the street I saw you standing in your office building reception talking to the girl behind the desk. Ok, time to go. I headed out and walked towards your building, trying to time it just right so we would meet.

“Leia, hey Leia”, I heard you call. “Oh hey there, how you doing?”, I replied as though I’d had no idea you were going to be there. We exchanged pleasantries, and I told you that I was sorry about you and Jade. “It’s fine”, you said, “It wasn’t working out, what are you doing in central London anyway?”. “Just heading home now, bit peckish though”, I said as I looked around. “I know a place to get a good snack, come on”, you replied, “let’s catch up”.

You took me to a small bar that served food. We ordered drinks and sandwiches, then talked as we waited for the food. During the chit-chat I felt an urge to shit real bad, making me wince. “You OK Leia?”, you asked. “Yeah I just need to get home soon”, I replied. “You’re not in any pain are you?”, you asked, genuinely concerned. “No, no, well, yes, sort of”, I said while fidgeting. “It’s a bit embarassing, but I really need the toilet!”, I said. Time to see how you reacted.

“Really?”, you asked, smiling, “Well there’s one just there”, you said, pointing to the ladies restroom. “I know, I know, but I’d prefer to be home to do it”, I said, then looked right into your eyes as I continued with “I’d definitely block the toilet here and it would be embarassing”. It seemed clear that you were at least interested, possibly aroused. “Block the toilet?”, you inquired, obviously hoping for more details. “Yeah, it’s been a while since I went, there hasn’t been a good time”, I lied. Well, it was true that it had been a while but I could have gone anytime over the last few days.

Our food arrived, and we continued chatting as we ate. “How do you know for sure you’d block the toilet?”, you asked. “I can just tell”, I said, squirming in my seat as I continued, “It’s a big shit, I can feel it”. I turned and looked into your eyes again “A really big shit, firm too”, I half-whispered as I gasped, “I’m so sorry about this”. “Hey, don’t worry about it”, you reassured me. I looked down and saw the bulge that had formed at your crotch. “Do you think you can hold it in?”, you asked me. “Honestly, I don’t know”, I said. It was the truth, I started to think that maybe I’d held it in for perhaps a day too long now. “You won’t tell anyone will you?”, I pleaded, “About this? You won’t tell if I shit myself?”. “Our secret”, you reassured me as you placed a hand on my shoulder. I placed a hand on yours and squirmed some more as the urge to shit hit me again. “Ohhh…mmmmm!”, I moaned, “and it’s so far for me to get home”. “My place is closer”, you said, “Come on”. I knew it was, and exactly as I had hoped we were going there. I just needed to not shit myself on the way.

“Give me a minute”, I said, my hand still clasped on yours. I gritted my teeth as I fought back the urge to defecate right there in the bar, but I could not stop my anus from opening. I whimpered and moaned as my anus grew wider and wider, “That fucking hurts!”, I cried, as I gripped your hand tighter. It felt like something the size of a fist was trying to force it’s way out of me. The way that the front of your pants bulged told me I was onto a winner here, and that Jade had been right about that big hard dick. As the urge to shit subsided I was able to get myself under control again. I turned and placed my other hand on your thigh, just an inch or so from the bulge, “Thank you for helping me”, I said, “Let’s go”.

We headed out onto the street and walked a minute or two to the nearest tube station. It would just a short ride to your place but I was starting to doubt that I could make it. On the packed tube train we stood facing each other. I shuddered against you as I felt my anus begin to twitch and sting. You could clearly see the trouble I was in. You slid your hand down between the inside of my coat and my skirt, then under my skirt to touch the outside of my underwear. My coat was long enough that nobody else saw this. I held you as I felt your hand arrive over my throbbing anus, which split open against my will. “I can’t stop!”, I whispered, as I squirmed against you, feeling your crotch bulge rubbing back against me. You flattened 3 fingers against my widening hole to hold the contents in as I reached down to stroke the front of your trousers.

As the train arrived at our tube station I clenched as hard as I could and exited the train walking hand-in-hand with you. We hurried to get to your place but I nearly contantly felt like I was going to have a massive accident right there in the street. “Wait!”, I shouted, as we passed a public bench. Feeling my anus opening up again I slammed myself down onto the bench and just let the head of the huge log surge out. I moaned and rubbed my stomach as I fought to get things under control again. “How bad is it?”, you asked, as you sat beside me. “Bad, really bad”, I said, “I can’t remember needing to shit so badly, and it fucking hurts”. I tried to clench it back in again but ended up pinching a piece of shit off into my underwear. “Oh no, there’s shit in my panties!”, I cried, “We need to get to your place right now!”.

Two minutes later we were there. As soon as the door was closed we embraced and kissed passionately. You slid a hand into my underwear and started teasing my anus which almost immediately opened to expel more of the log, but you held it back. I reached into your underwear and started tugging at your dick. It really was big, very thick, and very firm.

You led me to your bed and told me to get on all fours on it, then you knelt behind me and slid my panties down to my knees. I gasped as the head of your penis entered my pussy and plunged deeper and deeper into me, the length felt amazing but the thickness of it was the real star here. You were clearly very horny, and were not going to be gentle with me. There was no point in me even trying to close my asshole. You kept the shit from fully emerging with your hand, but allowed the massive head of it to pull my anus apart and poke out. The constant desperate urges to shit and not being able to were causing a wonderful sensation in my rectum. Eventually, powerful sensations started to build in my vagina too. “I’m…I’m not going to last long!”, I cried out, “Let me shit when I’m coming!”. You kept your hand in place as you pounded away at me until I started to moan loudly, then you removed your hand from over my anus. Immediately I felt the enormous turd start to batter it’s way out, splitting my poor asshole wide open. I screamed with pleasure and pain as the knobbly, disgustingly large shit came out, ripping at my ring as the sheer width of it tore me apart. The stinging pain in my asshole was complimenting the explosion of pleasure from my vagina perfectly. The turd came all the way out and fell past your penis onto the bed. When it was over I felt the bulbous head of your cock slide into my stinging anus as you emptied your balls into my ass, moaning with pleasure as you did so.

We cuddled on the bed afterwards. “I wouldn’t have even thought you could hold so much shit inside you”, you told me. We had compared the turd to various objects in your room, it was thicker than my forearm and a good 15 inches long. One solid piece except for the part that I had pinched off into my panties. The toilet in that bar would have been blocked for sure.

“Well I know who to come to if I’m ever holding that much again”.

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