Shitted and in jean

Well lately I been feeling like shit just started a round of antibiotics again. any way woke up this morning grabbed a a cig outta my pack decide I was gonna clean up my room a little b4 work. While doing so I felt like I had to fast so I was like w.e as I bent Down to pick up some cloths off the floor it slipped out unfortunately it wasn’t a fat I latterly empty my bowel right into my jean haha it felt so good. so I was like fuck it it happened so I waddle my ass down the stairs straight to the bathroom got in the shower still with my jeans and had to take a leak I was like fuck it I already Shitted might as well pass my self as well. rubbed one out ad cleaned up shower and wash my jeans. on a side note I hate these antibiotics the give me some fucking faucet ass like no tomorrow. God to I have a feeling tomorrow morning is gonna result in the same.

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  1. oui, les antibiotiques soignent quelques chose mais ils détraquent autre chose, la preuve !!!

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