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Hello the summer is gone unfortunately making way for winter for a few months it will come back with the sun and heat soon and my slut wife and I are very excited just to plan our sexual project in advance which is to meet a big submissive slut , big sow with large tits sagging 44FF with a fragrant dirty big ass , fully shaved pussy and open to body writing practicing extreme shit piss vomit and liking to be tied up, forced and raped with her consent , if you think to be this big submissive whore that we are looking for and you can travel in Canada leave us a message with photos of you naked its a serious proposals we plan to do this project for July 2019 accommodation at home during all the stay Here is our little scenarios

We are Saturday morning it is around 10:30 am and ready to take the road to the naturist camp when suddenly we receive an unexpected call on our home phone it was a woman we had spoken to on the phone a few months ago for a possible meeting, but nothing was planned between us yet, so she told us she’s at the Montreal airport dressed in a leather skirt and tight blouse without panties underneath, we were surprised but very excited about the meet then we go to pick her up , and she recognizes us from far away so she walk like real whore and gets into the car, we can see her big tits in her bra open up and her pussy shave between her legs open without panties, she smiles and tells us that she is very horny and wet just to meet us, we ride to the naturist camp but on the way we change our first idea, so we find a small quiet place in a field away from the curious people and we undress all three together completely naked shes so anxious that she has to go and she squats over us she stretch her big pussy and starts pissing in our open mouths and all over us we swallow entirely her salty pee without losing a drop, we also need to shit and piss right away so this big slutty bitch jumps on the car hood tied arms outstretched to the mirrors and her legs spread attached in the front of the car bumper, this big bitch is at our mercy, then I jump myself on the car hood on all fours just over this big sow and I drop a big pile of soft shit on her big 44ff udders and in her wide open mouth stretched on each side by the fingers full of poop of my wife, we force her to eat the shit completely , she balks, she turns her head but ends up swallowing all the shit until she vomits all over her big tits and belly , then we command her to swallow her vomit without any restrictions or my wife will slap her face and her big knockers, after few minutes we untie her and she put herself on all fours her big ass in the air, her big tits squeezed on the windshield and I slap her big shitty 44ff with my wipers, she cum like a real pig slut so much she was horny while my wife spank her big ass cheeks, she cums full force and she enjoys feeling degraded and humiliated in every possible way, my wife slut also has to poop on her body and pee in her mouth and forces her to drink all her golden shower to the last drop , this pig is brown from head to toe by our shit and she masturbates her pussy with repeated orgasms , suddenly my wife take the whip to whip her big ass cheeks and while I start to bust her big ass with my hard shitty dick as shes lies on her back with her thighs raised a starts to shit a soft and stinking turds on my cock and on the hood and I take out my shitty cock to push it into her big pussy all brown and dripping until I explode in her cunt, since my ass is still full of poop my wife licks it clean. the big bitch is still asking me to lick her big pussy full of poo for a few minutes and then I go back to her big shitty tits and vomit on them like a big pig, my wife licks it all the messy mix while she masturbates her clit after this filthy escapade we get dressed and this fat slut is almost unconscious in the back seat of the car and we return home with the spare clothes that we brought but we still feel the shit all over us, once we arrived at home we take a shower all three together and go to bed and rest before another shit piss day.

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