shit piss in the bath

Hello few months ago my wife and I we included something new in our scat pee session usually we play in the kitchen or bedroom but this time we played scat ,pee in the bath, it was very exciting and dirty but a bit narrow cause when you play in the hot water it’s more sensual but sliding, we were sitting in front of each other and we touched and caressed our brown bodies and each our turn we stand up and opened our asses to shit and piss on each other faces and mouths ,i licked my wife shitty ass clean with my tongue and swallowed some pieces of her poop and fucked her hard and she loved sucked my dick clean after the act, there was plenty of shit all around the bath and on the walls and also everywhere on our genital parts, scat and pee play for us is not a question of domination but a real complicity between two lover people who like kinky stuff ,it would be great to find a second girl for playing in the bath and make love with us full of shit , PS: our story is true and authentic, of course like we are both exhibitionists we took some pictures of this session 🙂 and the girl must be agree to taking pictures hidden faces or not , my wife and I we are totally addicted to this kind of things and the scat in the bath is a best place than all other places that we tried until today, of course after this dirty session washing the bath is a drudgery but the game is worth it

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  1. Try what I do. I don’t have a partner as of yet but looking for one. When I shit myself, I am near a river, lake or stream (remote from others) and have a good time sitting, rolling, walking, and laying in it. It gets all over me and I really enjoy it. I stay on a very small remote island for a weekend starting on Friday night. As soon as I get there, anticipation usually hits me and I immediately shit my swim trunks. It ‘s always a good one with enough to 80 to 90% fill the trunks. . I do everything to enjoy the shit, -sit, roll,,, walk,, masturbated, and sleep in it. By the next morning, after I wake up, , I have the urge to top off my pants by shitting in them again. This helps to replace the poop I lost during the night. usually this fills my trunks above the top.. I ‘ll sit, ,roll, walk, light exercizes, and , finally, jack off. That night I’ll sleep in it again. It felt sooooo good. Next morning, I ‘ll try to shit my pants once again. If there is no more to poop, I’ll play with the poop in my trunks, by sitting , rolling ,, excersizing, walking, and masturbating in it. . By mid afternoon, I’ll try to add some more poop to my collection in my trunks. If I am successful , I’ll play a few hours more. I will try to pork off one last time, on Sunday mid afternoon. I will then go into the water to get cleaned up before heading home for the end of a fantastic weekend, and the start of a rotten work week! It is so nice to be left alone and be able to do what you want when you want. Anyway, to make a long story short, clean-up in the lake or river is the easiest and quickest way to do it. I used to shit my pants at home but because the mess is soo hard to clean up, I just go to the lake or river. No mess, no fuss. This is why I moved to Florida so as to enjoy pants pooping year around. Very few days I can’t go down to the lake or river to shit myself because of colder weather! And for sure – I’ll be there just about every day after work, shitting and/or masturbating my pants in the spring, summer, and fall. You could probably set your watch to it! And I love every minute of it….

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