I was in 8th grade and there was a very hot, cute boy that had a paper route near where I lived. After school I would ride my bike up to where he prepped his papers for delivery. He was sort of a bully type guy and one day a rode by on my bike and he called out to me. I was on my way to the woods to shit myself. He wanted to know if my brother was still shitting in his pants. So he asked me that rather loudly so two of his companion friends heard it and stared my way. For some reason I gave my secret away to them and him by saying …NO but I do. He had a strange look on his face and one of the other boys was grinning and beginning to laugh out loud. Why would a 13 y.o. boy poop his pants on purpose he was thinking. I had to shit and not thinking clearly I got off my bike and squatted down next to it and began to grunt and push trying to have a bowel movement and my pants were on. Then the cute paper boy began to shout out to his friends….Look he is shitting his pants….Eeew look, his pants are tenting downward. Now they are all grinning and smiling making remarks about what I just did. OMG! it was a load too. So I was very pleased that I didn’t go at school that day. Holding it back for my pants after school and now in front of three really hot, cute boys. As I was pushing it out into my pants I was releasing some pee too. So when I stood back up with the load in my pants I had some wet stains too. It felt good to have filled my pants in front of them. I immediately got on my bike and sat down in it and mashed it all over me. Then I stood back up and felt it and turned towards them. I was bursting for a pee and began to wet my pants. The wet stains were very visible and growing as I urinated in my pants. I was acting like a baby in front of cutey boys from school. Then the bully guy said…I’m tellin the whole school what you just did. That felt sort of cool because I had a crush on him and in reality wanted him to be like a big brother and change my pants. But it was like having a big brother that just told on me for what I did. It was like …I’m done now please change my pants! I never got changed and he teased me a lot the whole school year. That was my trigger for other messes. Seek out a cute boy…fill my pants and maybe wet them…pretend he will be changing me..and dream of being changed and masturbate. Over and over again.

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