Shit my pants at work today!

This is the story of how my pants ended up the way they are in the photos I’ve just uploaded…

Today I was working on a different site, one that’s closing down. The company only needs one member of staff to cover it, and so it was me on my own. I didn’t want to waste a good opportunity, so I took a spare pair of pants with me, as well as the Jockey Y Fronts I’d put on that morning. my stomach had been bad that morning, and I knew it hadn’t finished yet.

I got there, got everything set up for the day and grabbed a coffee. There were only a few vehicles due in, and after the first one had been and gone, I knew it was likely to be a few hours before the rest showed. I nipped into the toilets, took my jeans and riggers off, and pulled my second pair of pants (navy BHS Y Front briefs) on over the top of the Jockeys. Was already feeling quite excited, that moment before you soil your pants and you can feel the anticipation!

I popped outside for a cigarette, and as I smoked it I gently pushed, letting a couple of farts out, until I knew that the next push would bring something more. I had a feeling it would be wet, and so I nearly decided to play safe and not bother. Nearly…

I pushed a little more, and felt a small amount of wet shit ooze into the seat of my briefs, then pushed again for a little more and headed off to the toilets again, this time to inspect the damage. I had a small patch of wet shit about an inch in diameter staining the seat of my Jockeys. I wanted to go further, but was worried it might soak through both pairs of pants and into my jeans. I don’t get a chance like this often though, so I grabbed some toilet paper to form a liner between both sets of underwear, and pulled my jeans back up.

Anyway, I had work to do! Went on to the computer to check some figures, but bent over the desk rather than sitting. I pushed again, and got a big thrill as more crap squirted its way into the seat of my pants. I filled them slowly as I typed out an email, feeling the warmth firstly between my arse cheeks, and the spreading round between the lower half of my bum and the backs of my balls. Felt great, and at that point I decided to do a quick patrol of the site. I could feel the shit in my pants oozing around every time I took a step, and a couple of times I had to crouch down to pick stuff up – as I did, I felt the seam in my jeans along my arse crack press against my shitty pants, squidging my wet shit even further around!

By now, I had no shit left to pass, although I kept trying! By now I was horny as hell, with damp patch at the front of my pants rivalling my soggy and sticky seat. I must have kept them on for an hour or so, but it got too much in the end, and I went to the loo one last time, dropped my jeans and sat down, then reached into the front of my briefs and had an incredible wank in them. Every tug of my cock pulled the clammy mess against my arse and balls, until I lost control and filled them with cum as well as shit! After that, I had to flop back for a bit in my very sticky Y Fronts, until I could be bothered getting cleaned up. The Jockeys were pretty much ruined, and so I binned them, rather than try to get them clean at work, but luckily only a little shit had leaked through into the outer pair of pants, so I chose to keep them on instead, still got them on now, actually!

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  1. I love doing that and have done the same in the past! 🙂

    I know “that” feeling well, as I too sit here with my own shit filled underwear that are both damp in the front and back.

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