Shit My Jeans Today After Work

I knew I wanted to have a great involuntary pants shitting this week since my Husband will be out of town. So yesterday I ate at a Chinese buffet and didn’t shit the rest of the day or this morning. For lunch my coworkers and my boss all met at a buffet for lunch and I joined in. By the time 2:00 rolled around I could feel my gut was bloated and the pressure was getting harder. By 4:00 I was clenching to keep everything in. I got out of work at 4:30 and came straight home. I was wearing my dirty work jeans and a new pair of boxer briefs. I like to hold it until I uncontrollably shit myself so I was doing some house chores, all the while stopping every couple of seconds to clench and feel my ass hole spasm. You know that feeling that feels so good when your ass spasms and you don’t know if it’s all going to come out or not. It just keeps on getting longer and more erotic until you finally let it all out. After about half an hour of this I was in the kitchen when my ass would no longer keep it up and everything I had been holding in just came out in smooth bursts of shit right into my jeans and boxer briefs. I could feel it going up my ass crack, under my balls, down my legs, everywhere. That warm shit felt so good to let out! So I continued to do things around the house for two more hours until I was thuroughly dirty and shit was smeared all over my ass in those jeans. Then when I was ready to get off I took a dildo, lubed it up and put it up my ass and buttoned my jeans button. Took my dick out of the zipper hole and through my underwear hole and sat on the toilet seat smearing shit all over my ass and balls in my jeans while the dildo did it’s job. I came with a huge load. I hopped in the shower, cleaned up and put everything in the laundry. Great way to make my day! Hope this story helped make your day too! It’s all true. The photos I took of myself with shit filled jeans and underwear are on my profile. Take a look!

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  1. Hey dude awesome work again! Do you ever shit in diapers/nappies or just boxer’s and briefs? When I was a kid I couldn’t afford to by nappies and I just used to go in my underpants and pretty soon my mum was going mad at me for having thrown almost the entire contents of my underwear drawer in the bin or in the woods at the bottom of my old school and I was soon made to wear rubber underpants every day which I pretend not to be happy about until she came in my room one day and I hadn’t noticed and it was just as I was taking a huge dump in my tighty whiteys when she saw the whole thing and then she dragged me into the bathroom and began to smack my backside as hard as she could having completely squashed the poop in all over my backside then I was made to sit on the toilet with my shitty undies still pulled up and was there for a few hours until I had pissed and shit myself again with my underpants filled far beyond what they could handle I just sat there crying and trying to stand up and being shoved back onto the toilet and told me that I’d just better stay there for a little while until I had properly done my business and then I was to be put in a diaper after I’d been in the shower and the embarrassment of having to sit at the dinner table wearing nothing but a pair of really bulky and crinkly disposable nappies that she had added extra tape to ensure that I couldn’t take them off by myself 😭

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