I have always had desires and curiosities concerning pants pooping. It started at an early age of nine and after school I came home and went up to my room to push out shit into my pants. I did and it was hard lumps. I was very disappointed that I didn’t do something larger. At that age I wasn’t interested in masturbating but I wanted it larger. A year later my friend had done the same thing but at school and our teacher let him keep it in his pants all day. His shit was a long one. It intrigued me to want to try the very same thing in class so I did and mine too was a long one. When I turned eleven I was getting interested in boys and even more obsession with pants pooping. I wanted that brown sticky stuff in my pants all the time. My friend in school took a laxative prior to lunch recess that brought on a mega amount of diarrhea. He was like me a total love for shit but got into a wrestling match and pushed and strained hard that forced his diarrhea out into his pants. Everyone around ran when the smell got noticed except me. I liked the smell and curiosity of what just happened. I wanted to do diarrhea but never happened at school. The first time I ever did it in public I was fourteen. I was with my mom at the mall and when she took off to do some uninteresting shopping I waited and when the urge hit I crouched down in a squatted position by a cement round planter and grunted and shit myself. The thought of my age at the time and a total desire to use my pants. I can still feel the enjoyment I got when it fell into my underpants and made a bulge and a brown stain mess of them. OMG…. shitting in my pants! Still like to talk about it and still like to do it. In school it was like “it stinks!… I wonder who shit themselves” were the reactions from boys who were planning to tease the person who did it. That person was me and I got teased. My favorite place to do it at school was in the third floor boys room behind the science labs. That toilet was not used much so it was a quiet place. After I asked to be excused from class I would high tail it up to that place and walk in and open a stall and prepare to go number two like I was a normal boy. Dropped my cordouroy jeans then my underpants and sat on the toilet. If anybody came in and looked at the floor and saw I was in the stall they would see the normal stuff. . I had two pairs of underpants on so one pair was still on me and I was sitting on the toilet preparing to shit myself. When my shit would come out and hit the underpants and buckle up and smash up against my butt and sag and hang down it was OMG I am doing a load and it feels so good. This thirteen year old boy has just shit in his pants and has a big grin on his face from ear to ear. I wish I could live that story all over again .

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  1. I actually did the same thing in school I would also go into a stall with two pairs and poop my pants like that. Or just slightly lift my leg up In class and shit my pants there I Pushed so much Shit into my pants in school I really honestly didn’t get teased since I was friends with a lot of people in school they’d still fuck around and joke about it but they really didn’t care. Also I loved the harder more log like turds than something mushy or like Diarrhea.

  2. I always wanted the center of attention and having TURDS in my pants did that very thing plus it felt awesome with them in my pants.

  3. I can relate, My girlfriend was a cheerleader, we were both in 9th grade, I was playing on the tennis squad, she was done practicing about 3:00 and my match was done about the same time, and we were walking home, she had her sexy cheerleader outfit on I had white tennis/gymshorts on, ( I had underware on under the tennis shorts), we are walking, its spring, and a nice 65 degree day, I had to poop so bad but I never pooped my self in front of anyone before, She wanted to go in to a store to get something, I cant remember, I said we still have 15 blocks till I get home and you have 4 more after that, and I have to poop, so hurry up, At that time she said she would hurry because she had to poop too, At that very moment hearing those words, my dick got so very hard, ( I was 13, she was too), she went into the store and I pouposely pooped in my shorts, I pushed out golfball hard poops, It filled my shorts, My girl came out of the store and said we have to walk fast because I have to poop and I might not make it, At that time I got soo horny I blurted out honey, just go in your underware, I did, She looked at me and said you didn’t, then sniffed and said I think you did, Didn’t you? I said yes honey I had a accident, she said No you didn’t, you did that on purpose, I said no I didn’t, she said, You wanted me to do it so I think you did it on purpose, She did get home in time unfortunately, and after she used the bathroom she said go clean up, I did and she dumped me that minute. She said she wouldn’t tell anyone if I never talked to her again, so far that’s how it is, I just do it in the closet now, its not worth losing a relationship over

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