shelter in the park bogs from the rain after college

I’d had a long day at college, had footy in the morning then maths all afternoon which my parents insisted I do, ‘to get a good job’ they kept saying even though I hate it.

I was starving after footy by lunch time and as usual had to make the daily decision, do I buy lunch or pay for the bus home? my parents don’t have much money so I walk home quite a lot.
Got myself burger and chips and a coke and ill walk home through the park.

I kept looking out the window during maths and seeing it raining, thinking id made the wrong decision! Home time came and I watched my mates get on the various busses and set off home with my rucksack and sweaty footy gear. I usually take a shortcut through the park unless it was dark and then i never get the nerve. I was ok today there was another hour before dark.

It takes me about 20 mins to get through the park and I often pass by the toilet block in the corner of the play park, its a great place to shelter when it starts to chuck it down so I ran in out of the rain for a bit of a break from the rain running down my back, least I wasn’t hungry! but I did need a shit, which I hate needing when im out especially here, the cubicles stink, there’s often newspapers and mags in the corner all pissed on or burnt with soot, marks up the walls, stale piss and shit in the bogs, plus the doors don’t lock and the bogs are like stainless steel with wood seats, theres no fucking way im sitting down on piss covered seats.
doesn’t look like theres anyone else in here so I stand up at the old porcelain urinals that look like someone’s took a hammer to, full of holes and the drains blocked with piss and what looks like gobs or maybe cum i laugh to myself which got me a little bit hard thinking that someone might have had a wank here.
I unfasten my trousers and pull down the elastic on my footy shorts which I kept on after playing footy this morning. I often keep them on because it means i don’t have to get naked in the changing rooms after playing because I always get a hard on and the lads make more fun of me than they usually do and just generally make me look stupid and whip me with their towels. Its so unfair how they can just stand there in a room full of lads with their flaccid cocks hanging down and not get hard.

Anyhow I pull my semi out from my sweaty shiny Adidas footy shorts and adjust my balls that were sticking to my legs and pull back my foreskin to take a piss trying not to splash in the pool of piss/cum on the floor. ahh such a relief I was streaming a nice flow feeling the breeze through the toilet block blowing past my balls which I have to say got me almost proper hard on. At this point I hear footsteps and the smell of cigarette smoke drift in. I keep pissing but try to hide my hard in as much as I could. By this point I was joined at the urinals by a lad in trackies and a hoody who stood way to close to me for comfort, lads usually leave as much space as possible when pissing, but I wasn’t gona say anything, especially as he looked few years older and way taller. This lad took his fag from his mouth and said ‘nice cum shot’ pointing to the piss pool that id wondered earlier wondering what it was. ‘no idea mate, nothing to do with me’ I said, he just laughed and started to aim his piss stream at it. Bit weird this I think and put my cock back in my shorts and zip up my trousers and move over to the door and look out to see the rain bouncing off the park floor. I really feel like I need a shit by now, I could feel it almost ready to come out no matter what, and theres no way im shitting myself at my age! I could hover over the bog I think to
myself and just wipe when I get home, but what if the piss splashes back up at me, ewww that would be gross.
I look back over to the lad whos wearing black Addidas trackies with white stripes down the side and white trainers which by now were like stood in the pool of over flowing piss from the urinal and the lad had pulled his tracky bottoms down just enough so I could see the top of his smooth ass and crack and there was no mistaking it…he was having a wank, I could see his arm moving back and forth, he must know im still here I think. ‘Wana watch?’ he says, have to say I was well horny seeing this and I could feel myself moving towards him, which was so out of character for me. I was stood right behind him avoiding the piss pool. I was sure I could smell sweaty ass, smelt just like me after footy, I usually slip a finger down there to see how bad I am and if its needs a spray of lynx!

This lad was big and the end of it was all wet, which i wondered if it was the piss from earlier. ‘Well join in’ he says putting his hand on my trousers where my hard on was. Mate I cant I really need a shit but I don’t know where to do it. This seemed to get the lad high, i could see his cock twitch and he instantly turned and put his hand on my ass, laughing he said ha ha just shit yourself im gona watch u do it.
I definitely realised at this point that id got myself into a situation i didn’t like and thought id rather shit myself than stay here any longer so i made to leave, but he was like no mate sorry i was wrong just pulling your leg, shit in here its cool ill watch out for you. Almost in desperation I gave in and dropped my pants jumping up and down, saying ‘i gota go now’ ‘where can I shit?’ ‘do it in the corner mate’ he says ‘theres no one coming’
I crouch down and before im even near the floor, a massive shit shoots out my ass and hits the wall im soo embarrassed.

The lad watching was like man’ that was fucking awsome watching ur ass drop that shit, who by now was well hard and wanking like mad and now i could relax i was hard too and really wanted to wank with him. It had been raining for ages now no one would find us in here. I stood up with my shorts round my ankles and started to wank next to the lad with my naked arse with a shitty hole wafting in the breeze and the place stunk of shit which really turned the tracky lad on. He was touching up my ass and moving his hand really close to my shitty hole which i was sure still had a big lump of shit stuck to it. I was so turned on to be wanking with this other guy i was lost in my own little world, I thought he was touching the shit, wow this is so nasty I thought but before i could think if I wanted him to do that I realised it was his cock that was rubbing my shity hole and i freaked out I had to leave and get home my parents would have dinner ready. I moved away but in doing so i stepped in the pool of piss at the urinals and splashed it all over my footy shorts that were round my ankles. The piss water was pooled in my shorts crotch with the lads fag end. I could see from there that the lads hard cock was covered in my shit and he was wanking it, getting it on his hands too. Fuck what am I doing here I think. I try to get past him but hes having none of it and i scramble to get past him and the pile of shit that I dumped earlier that had by now dropped off the wall into a big shitty pile on the floor, but he pushed me and i stood right in my own shit and slipped right slap bang back onto my still warm shit. The lad give me his shitty hand to help me get up while he was like laughing by now. I give him my hand reluctantly and he pulls me up toward him, and I can feel his cock pushing against my stomach.
He grabs my ass, a cheek in each hand and parts my ass and what was left of my shit dropped off my hairless ass. I could smell he cigarette breath on my face as he pulled me close to him, his cock sliding up on his precum under my jumper over my belly button.and he forcefully moved me around and says ‘your gona like this mate’ and I could feel his cock pushing against my crack. My hole was already open because i was still needing to drop the rest of my shit, I really thought it would take more effort to rape me. I could feel his cock sliding on my shit and it only took him a few thrusts before i assume he came stopped for a second then pulled out, pulled up his trackies and ran.
I couldn’t believe what had just happened I was stood in the corner of the public toilets covered in my shit and i could feel my ass hole running with liquid which I could smell was cum. I didn’t know someone could cum so much,

I stood in the rain for an hour before i was clean enough to go home

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  1. Wow what a hot story love to been in them bogs I would have watched you shit while drinking stale piss from urinals then give you good cleaning with my tongue

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