she pooped for me..

my girlfriend is very aware of my love for pantypooping.she knows i do it and she occassionally poops for me.well yesterday was one of those occassions and boy was it amazing.she normally has to poop after her coffee in the a.m. we were sitting in my room.i was in my chair and she was still in the bed sipping coffee,she mentioned that she need to potty in her cute little voice.we do quite a bit of casual role playing.i told her she better not potty in my bed.she said she was going to.i got up and found panties and put them on her and told her that she had to potty it was alright cause now she had panties on.i of course had a throbbing boner by now.she informed my that she thought she needed to move around a bit so that she could “go”.we made our way into the living room.we hung out for a few minutes.eventually she came over and straddled me on the couch.she was wearing a hello kitty cotton night shirt and grey cotton panties.we hug and a could feel her pushing a bit.she the told me she was going potty.i rubbed her back a told her that was fine.i was rubbing my penis against her clit.i was so turned took her a couple of minutes to finish.i was shaking with excitement.finally i reached back and felt a warm,soft ,creamy bulge the size of a softball.we got up and went to my room where i laid her on the bed and began to masturbate and touch her messy tooshie.she was rubbing her vagina and we were kissing.we were both extremely aroused.i pulled her panties down and stuck my penis in her messy butt i rubbed it around she told me i could put it in her butt if i was gentle.i eased the tip into her very poopy butt.she took a moment before she was ready for further penetration.i fucked her,i felt amazing.creamy poopy on her cute little butt.her tight little hole was glorious.she began to wimper but i couldnt help myself,i continued on.her wimpers gave way to tears,she was crying but i was almost there.i thrust my throbbing cock in just a few more times before i exploded my cum into her dirty tooshie.!WOW! fuckin amazing..the most gratifying sexual experience i have had in girlfriend is awesome and i am a lucky man….

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