Shat my pants without even noticing it ! with my friends

So, last night our group have a meet at my friend home to see each other, because a friend of us, who now live far away (but still very hot and attractive for me) was in town for his vacation. We meet at 6 P.M then talk, played , and me taking photos of my sweet friend for hours and around 8 P.M, we call to book some pizza but due to the waiting needed we cancelled and I take my car to bought some by myself (later I will notice that pizza was not a good idea). Then, I’m back with the food and we eat (I personally get 5 large parts) and the night continue with again games, talks …
At 1 A.M my good looking friend was tired (and I think at the end he just want to go home for a poop) and leave the party. So we were talking when I started to feel that I was now bursting for a poop but I don’t want to leave the conversation and use the restroom, I held (I thought). It was now 3 A.M still talking and the pizza were now pressing hardly against my butt. I run to the toilet and I found that my white small underwear was now brown stained with runny shit and I felt really surprised. I relieve my self in the toilet, then whip my ass as I can do, say goodby and go home. There I have to clean up my ass at 4 in the morning and see the aftermath, that I will need a new pair of white small and sexy underwear.

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