Shart accident

Hello everyone !!!!!

Well let´s straight to the story. my shart accident happen this morning after a large cup of coffee and one amazing breakfast my stomach start to make a lot of gas, loud and long farts ( and smelling like rotten eggs ) so i try to rip a loud one while watching tv. But it was not a fart a huge soft poop came out into my white boxer briefs. the funny thing i was not planning this accident but i enjoy so much.

sorry for my bad english .

i want to make a lot of friends here feel free to message me anytime.

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  1. Nice one dude. Your sharing intimate embarrassing stories on here already so in return I will send you a message as soon as I have finished writing the very embarrassing yet 100% true story of an accident (only one of the many embarrassing situations that happened to me over the years) which happened to me in the last year of high school and believe me I almost guarantee you’ll be laughing your back off by the time you have finished reading it! 🤣Least I hope you find it funny anyway as it makes me feel alot better about it knowing that it is simply a bit of good hearted banter between friends when you’re laughing at me and my story instead of the laughter and piss taking that I obviously got alot of during those times when I was crapping myself in public with all my school friends there to see me in such a humiliating situation as I was a very frequent pants pooper when I was younger, and still am tbh. I’ve come to really enjoy it though and it very rarely bothers me any more when it happens around others and so I don’t have any reason to not to be happy with being a poopypants nerd in fact I’m proud of myself and of course my fairly serious proneness to having to go potty in my underpants instead of the toilet. P. S I honestly wouldn’t use the toilet ever again if it was totally up to me and would be far happier in nappies every day. Not sure if you are into nappies/diapers or just pooping in underpants? But either way we would still be able to have a whole load of fun with each other so yeah please don’t hesitate to contact me whenever you want! 😘

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