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This story is about my boyfriend, Steve. This is the second story about him, the other one is entitled ‘One Night’, I suggest reading that before this one…

It was a cold, wintry night. Steve and I were in his double bed. We both had dummies in our mouths as we fondled each other through our nappies. Our heads were touching together, I could feel his breath on my dummy. We had been planning what we were going to do that night for a long time.
As the fondling slowed down, We opened our eyes and looked at each other. We then took the dummies from our mouths and started to kiss. We made out intensely, using our tongues to taste the each others mouth and spit. We then looked at each other as if to say ‘I’m ready’. We gave each other one final kiss on the lips then put our dummies back into our mouths.
Steve slowly rolled over, I had his hair in my face. We were both only wearing just a nappy. As he rolled, I put my arm over him and started to stroke and cuddle him. I could feel his stomach start to tense a little. ‘There you go’ I whispered softly into his ear. He then took my hand which was over his stomach and began to hold it. His stomach gave one big final tense as he held his breath and pushed a load into his nappy. I could feel the load go in as my nappy was touching his. 
Steve gave a sigh of relief. I ran may hand which was over his stomach down his back until I had reached the bulge at the back of his nappy. I began to feel it, it was quite a soft but large load. I then started to message the load around the nappy. Steve groaned as his load was pushed around his nappy, all over his crack and his cheeks. I then began to dry-hump him as the hand which I had been using found itself over the front of his nappy, softly stroking his erection. Steve groaned as the feeling of his load being pushed around, his erection being stroked and sucking his dummy became pure ecstasy. 
As I was doing this to Steve, I sucked hard on my dummy and pushed a load into my nappy. My load was larger than Steves but was as soft. As I finished my load, I slowly turned onto my back, so I could squish my load around my nappy. Steve rolled over with me and his head was laying on my chest. He rubbed the top of my nappy while my load was squished all around the back of it.
We then looked into each others eyes, took out the dummies and began passionately kissing each other. I will rubbing the back of Steves nappy as he was stroking the front of mine. Steve then put his dummy back in and knelt up in bed.
He began un-taping his nappy. After he undid the four tapes, he layed it out on the bed. There was a nice light brown load which had been mushed over almost all of it. I then proceeded to kneel up and untaped my nappy and layed it out next to Steves.
Steve then knelt over mine and sat in my mushed load in the diaper. His head shot back as he sucked his dummy. He then began to tape the diaper back up. I looked over at the diaper layed out across the bed. I moved slowly near it and positioned myself just above it. I then got my dummy from the side of the bed and put it in my mouth. I then slowly lowered myself into Steves nappy and sat in his warm, soft load. I sat there for just a while to take it in. I then reached down for the tapes and taped the nappy. Steve was already laying down, enjoying and mushing my load over his erection by this point so I layed down next to him and pulled the covers over us. 
We held each other and furiously kissed each other, while pushing eachothers loads around. Steve then took his dummy and put it in my mouth and proceeded to go underneath the sheets. He took my dick out of the nappy and started sucking it. My eyes shut and lips contracted round the dummy as Steve pushed his tongue round my penis. His mouth was so wet and warm. He then began his load he had made in the nappy all around my crack and even upto my balls. I felt that I was going to come so I put my erection back into my nappy while Steve jerked it and cummed all over my nappy. Steve came and layed next to me and put my dummy into his mouth. I took his dick from his nappy and started jerking it very fast and hard. I felt his body tense so I put my hand with his dick back into his nappy where he shot cum all over it. 
Steve then turned to face me. We looked into eachothers eyes and took out dummies out as we kissed. We then put out dummies back in, tocuhed our heads and cuddled up to go to sleep, with the nappies still on.

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  1. I’ve done this once and it was one of the most comfortable diapers I’ve ever worn before in my life

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