If you have uploaded 10 original videos then you qualify for a free Premium Membership. Send in a help ticket for your free upgrade once your video count hits 10! Remember, your uploads must be videos this site doesn’t already have on it, at least 1 minute long each, and not copyrighted material..

The maximum size for videos is 500MB per video and for pictures is 15MB per picture.  By uploading, you certify that the image or video is not copyrighted and all persons depicted in it are over the age of 18, you are responsible for your own content under USC 2257. Need to rotate your video first because you held your phone upside down? Click Here to rotate it or flip it first. Is your vertical cell video aspect ratio screwed up? It’s mostly old phone and iPhone users who upload a video who have this problem, make sure to re-save your vertical cell videos on any video encoder and THEN upload! ?

Uploading a shitload of pictures? No more than 5 pictures of the same set are allowed. If you’ve got 100 pictures showing essentially the same thing, they will get ninja deleted on you! Please, no picture spam. And please, dont post up a bunch of screenshots from videos you have already uploaded, those will be deleted entirely.

You can only set ONE category for you upload. Choose wisely! Below are descriptions of all the categories:

  • Clothes Wetting – This category contains peeing in or onto clothes, from fully clothed to just underwear (not diapers).
  • Diapers – Media items in this category involve diapers. Both wetting or pooping in diapers is allowed. If the video is more about poop than it is about diapers, it belongs in Scat.
  • Naked Pissing – This category contains naked or unhindered pissing.
  • Pants Pooping – This category contains poop into clothes. If the video is more about the poop than it is about pants pooping, it belongs in Scat.
  • Scat – This extreme category contains anything involving viewing of the poop, and can also include the full bowel movements without clothes. Extreme scat, including smearing or eating, is allowed only in this category.
  • Visible Desperation – This category contains peeing or pooping in or onto clothes, from fully clothed to just underwear (not diapers).This category should contain VISIBLE signs of desperation or distress related to the need to pee or shit.
  • Other – This category contains categorized items or items which do not fit into any of the other categories, proceed with caution! All “Anime” stuff should go here, as only humans are allowed in the named categories. Anime may be removed in the future, we’re not sure about wanting to keep it on the site at all.