Sexy Shower

So let me start off by saying this story is only about me, a 20-year-old female, not a sexy young in-love couple initiating steamy shower sex.

This morning I woke up with a full bladder and quite a need to poo. However, I ignore both, and enjoyed a hearty breakfast. I live alone, so any squirming while eating was greatly appreciated by only my cat and myself.

Next, I decided I needed a shower. Now this is where it all falls apart. I may have overestimated my ability to hold it.

I turned on the water before stripping out of my pajamas, as I always do so that I allow time for the shitty plumping my landlord refuses to replace to pass hot water through my shower head. While stepping out of my pj’s, a wave of pee desperation overtook me and I couldn’t stop myself from dancing around even moaning slightly.

I blasted my favorite playlist to annoy my neighbors, ignored my bursting bladder and overfull bowels, and stepped under the water.

The first few minutes were fine. I shampooed my hair, rinsed, and as I was reaching for my conditioner, duel waves of desperation over took me. I reached my hand down to put a finger over my pee hole, the only thing keeping me from peeing. However, I felt a turd making its way towards its exit and knew it was one or the other. As I didn’t feel like cleaning poo out of my shower drain, I let go of my vagina and promptly started peeing uncontrollably as I regained control over my bowels.

After peeing, I felt the poo in my ass and it was heavy. I quickly finished my shower, dancing the whole time. As soon as I stepped out onto my rug and was reaching for a towel to dry off, I knew my poo wouldn’t wait. I plopped down on my toilet, soaking wet, just as the first turd left me.

This is the most desperate I’ve been for both in a long time, and it felt pretty good, so I decided to share. Thanks for reading, sorry there was no pants pissing or pooing this time – though if I was wearing pants, there surely would have been!

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  1. U can still do both in your underwear in the shower. I do that all the time. Keeps the urin smell down. And u can quickly use the water in the shower to clean the underwear

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