Sensual Excitement

One of the most exciting sensual feelings that I enjoy is to slip my hand down the front of my pants and cup my balls in the palm of my hand, while my fingers scratch the area between my scrotum and my anus. The climatic feeling sends waves of delight through that region.
The other week I was walking along the beach which stretches for a mile in each direction and which is usually free of others for some distance. On this occasion, I caught up with a man who was also walking along the sands and he looked around and acknowledged my appearance with a wave of his hand. As I got up to him, we just chatted about this and that and I noticed that his swimmers looked quite wet and I asked him if he had been for a swim. He said that he had not been in yet, but he had wet his swimmers on purpose. I was aroused by this admission and told him that I often do the same.
At the end of my usual turning point, I like to sun bake in the sand dunes and it is there, that I sometimes wet myself with no one else around. I mentioned my turning point at the sand dunes and he suggested that we take a break up there. when we had found a sheltered spot, we both lay down on the warm sand. As I had mentioned his wet swimmers, he asked me if I was going to wet mine.
I could see that this was going to develop into an interesting meeting and we both had something in common. I replied that I would wet mine if he wanted me to and he was keen to see me wet myself. He put his hand on my swimmers and waited for me to start. As I started to pee, his hand rubbed the area of my penis and I could feel an erection coming on.
After I had finished, I put my hand down the front of his wet swimmers and cupped his balls in the palm of my hand while scratching the sensual area below his scrotum. He started to squirm with pleasure and I asked him if he ever pooped himself as well. He said that he did and I asked him if he would push a little poop out while my hand was in that area. he said that he would, and as he started to push, I felt the head of a log emerge until about half an inch was into his swimmers. I took hold of the bit of poop and smeared it up around his balls. By now, we were both aroused and he suggested that it was my turn, so I obliged by pushing out a firm log which he massaged around my bottom.
As we had both engaged in a moment of sensual pleasure, we decided to go down to the water to clean up. The cold sea water had cooled both of us down and we walked back to our cars in the car park. We did not arrange to meet again, as I think we both felt a bit guilty of our actions in the last hour. We both went our ways and I was left with the knowledge that the thing that aroused me, also aroused others.

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  1. Cool beach fun! I like to wet while at the beach too. I wear black board shorts but wear favorite speedos or other sexy briefs under these. I can slip my hand down my shorts and feel my pee wet the speedos and I direct pee to cover all the front of me. I’ve gotten so excited this way that I’ve had orgasms while walking in my wet briefs, but the black board shorts ‘hide’ all the evidence!!

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