self pleasure

there is nothing i like better than the feeling of piss soaked clothing next to my skin.I find it a huge turn on and will indulge this as often as i can.

I like wearing Cotton underwear because it soaks up the piss, and recently have started wearing close fitting briefs with tight hipster style boxers over the top.

One of my favourite ways of wetting myself is while i am sitting up in bed. By crossing my legs i seem to be able to piss in squirts so that only the front of my underwear gets soaked. It i do enough of it, it would soak the bed but i usually stop before i get to that point.

Then i get up and pull on some plastic pants, then jeans over the top.

I can now continue pissing myself when i feel like it, and no one will know. That feeling of wetness on my skin is electric

Sometimes the leg elastic will leak a little and i will end up with a piss line on the back of my jeans, but with dark jeans no one can see anyway.

I will usually go on like this for ages, all the while the urge to piss get greater because i only piss a little bit when i need to wee a lot.

Eventually, after several hours and topping up with cups of tea, i will reluctantly go to the bathroom, take off my jeans, stand in the shower and piss till i am empty.

What a huge relief.

And it dosnt end there.

Taking down the plastic pants results in a huge cascade of piss. Another turn on.

Then the wet pants come off while showering.

And when comes the time to soap my member during the shower, a huge cum results.

And tomorrow, it can happen all over again

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