Self-Fist and Poop

Well I have tried a couple of times in the last few weeks to self-fist, primarily cos I am a little bored (sexually) here. So I woke up one day and my room mate was out, I was really hot and for some reason felt the need to finger ass. So I begun with 2 and very quickly moved onto 3 and then 4 fingers, making sure they went all the way in. The all 5.


My ass was beginning to accommodate the 5 fingers and so, wiith a little lube i bagn to push further and further in. My ass gradually expanding more and more and i could take the 5, then slowling pushed mu had deeper and deeper in and out until my knuckles were taken inside.


By this point I could certianly feel a nice firm poo inside my ass but carried on anyway. Knuckles seem to be the point where I stop, this is more down to lack of technique than the inability for my ass to take my hand.. more practice is needed.


All this pretty intense anal work had made my need to poo really bad so I pulled my hand out of my ass and quickly went to loo where a huge poo basically fell out and into the toilet.


Once more am finding it hard to have the time to indulge my WPB inlcinations and also to practice with the old hands. But I’ll take what I can 😉

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  1. Oh, you should have had a nice nylon pantie on to catch the poo.

    Maybe next time.

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