Security Guards Chapter 3

This is the third and final part of a three-part story.

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As the minutes passed by Jason’s flow of tears gradually subsided and his
sobbing, which he was doing silently and under his breath, at least at the
moments in between the successive and continuing cycles of the hand drier,
stopped too after some time. But Jason still felt gut-wrenchingly sick and
upset as he reflected that he had now almost certainly lost his job which
had meant so much to him, and on his very first day too. It could have been
the start of a new career with good prospects of promotion in the security
sector, but now, simply because he had stupidly drunk too much coffee in
his morning’s training, he would be sent home in disgrace.

Crying was not helping anything, and Jason knew he would have to come
out of his hiding place and get changed into his other clothes at some
point, even if only to be summarily dismissed by Jim when he returned. But
he was not keen to emerge in his soaking uniform with that super-macho,
slightly obnoxious co-worker out there. Shawn had appeared not to notice
Jason’s sorry state before Jason had plunged wordlessly into the cubicle, and
while he would probably never set eyes on the guy again Jason still had no
stomach for the ribbing he would undoubtedly receive if Shawn saw him like
this. Jason started to wonder absently what on earth Shawn was doing anyway
with his continuing operation of the drier and the audible “oh fuck, fuck”
which he could sometimes overhear from Shawn before the drier started up again.
Jason dried his eyes and waited quietly for the strange lad to go so that he
could get his own shirt and sweatpants back and change ready to go home.

Then the door of the men’s toilets opened and Jason heard someone else
entering. The newcomer had clearly met Shawn before. “Hi there. You still

“What does it look like?” was Shawn’s reply over the noise of the drier.

“Hah, yeah. How’s it going?” continued the unfamiliar man’s voice. “Hmmm,
it’s still a bit obvious but it doesn’t look as bad as it did. You’ll need to
work at it some more with that drier and then no-one will guess what happened.
When are you due back at work?”

“Oh, whenever,” mumbled Shawn.

“I’m Simon, by the way. What’s your name?”


“You know the access code now, I hope? You never know when you have to get
into the building in a desperate hurry, do you? I always remember the code as
the year of the French Revolution followed by…”

Shawn’s voice cut him off. “Look did you want something in here? If not, just
leave me alone will you?” The hand-drier started up again.

“Oh. Fine.” The guy sounded slightly hurt. Jason heard his footsteps retreating
and at the same time the door opening again. There was the noise of a
collision between two people. “Oooef! Woops, sorry mate,” said Simon.

“It’s okay, it was my fault,” said the person who was entering. The voice
sounded slightly familiar to Jason but he did not identify it for a moment.
He heard Simon exit the men’s room.

Then the new arrival evidently spotted Shawn and recognised him. “Shawn, so
there you are! Where the hell have you been? Everyone’s been looking for you!
And why is your phone not reachable?” he exclaimed. Now Jason recognised the
voice as Rick’s. He listened more closely, taking his mind off his own
disaster for the moment.

“What’s it to you? Mind your own business,” was Shawn’s surly reply.

“I’ll tell you what it is to me,” said Rick. “I’ve had to be taken off my
break to go and cover your station because you went missing. Kevin hasn’t had
a break either because we are one short, and poor Jason has been on front-
of-house for two hours now because I couldn’t take over, and he told me he’s
desp… er, that he doesn’t feel very well too. So we’re all very much put
out, and your absence is very much our business!”

“Fuck off, Rick.”

“Will you turn round and face me when I’m talking to you, please? What are you
doing over there anyway, Shawn?” There was the sound of Rick’s footsteps
moving over to the far wall where Shawn was presumably still spreadeagled
in his curious posture by the hand-drier. “Have you PISSED yourself? Good
grief, you have too, it’s all down your leg! What happened?”

Shawn’s reply was defensive and low-voiced, but Jason listened closely and
caught everything. “Look, I had to go, right? I just couldn’t hold it any
longer. What was I supposed to do? I made a run for the bogs but some of
it came out before I got here. Now I’m trying to get it dry. Satisfied now?”

Rick’s answer was bitingly sarcastic and full of mock puzzlement. “But that’s
strange. I don’t understand. I thought you had iron bladder control and
could always wait as long as you had to. How very odd.” Jason, despite his
anguish, smiled to himself at Rick’s accurate recall of Shawn’s boast a few
hours earlier in these very same men’s toilets after Kevin and Leon had both
got caught short. He continued to listen.

“It wasn’t my fault,” said Shawn. “I would have made it but I forgot the code
when I got outside the building. I was about to just whip it out and piss on
the grass, but that bloke who just bumped into you came up. I asked him to let
me in and he was just looking at me like he was about to jump me or something,
know what I mean? I’m sure he’s a faggot. So I panicked and some of it came
out in my trousers before he got the door open. You know how it is when a queer
tries to grab your privates, right?”

“No, I don’t have that problem,” said Rick. “I stopped being worried about
my willy at about the time I was toilet trained. Looks like you’ve still got
to go through that learning process.”

“Oh fuck off!” snapped Shawn.

“Well, look Shawn,” continued Rick in a more reasoned tone, “you need to
turn your phone on immediately and you need to call up Jim and explain
yourself. You’ll have to make it good because he’s extremely angry with you.
You’ve put the whole afternoon’s roster up a gum tree and there’s been a
complaint from museum management about your absence from gallery thirteen.
I don’t know if they’ve checked yet if all the paintings are still there.”

Shawn made no audible reply.

“Well? Are you going to call him or not? Oh don’t bother, I will.” Several
electronic tones sounded as Rick evidently grabbed his phone and dialled.

After a short silence Rick was speaking again and Jason listened in to one
side of the phone conversation. “Jim? It’s Rick, hi….

“Yes, he’s taken over, I’m back on my break now thanks. But Jim, listen.
I’ve found him! Shawn. He’s here in the toilets of the staff building….

“I know, yeah….

“Well, I think he should explain that to you himself. I’ve told him to turn
his phone back on and he should be calling you….

“Right… Right, okay, I’ll send him there. Yep, Kevin needs a break….

“Yes. But Jim, what about Jason? He told me he had to … er …. he said
he wasn’t feeling well. Is someone taking over from him at front-of-house?…

“Oh… oooooohhh, poor Jason. Oh really?… Aaah, poor lad. How awful for

“No, I haven’t seen him. But he might be here somewhere, I haven’t been
in every room. Perhaps he’s waiting in the canteen….

“Right, that’s good, I’ll tell him….

“Sure I will. He’s a nice lad, what a nasty thing to happen to him. I’ll do
whatever I can…

“Great, see you then. Cheers, Jim.”

A single bleep indicated the end of Rick’s call to Jim, and Rick now
evidently addressed Shawn once again.

“Alright, Iron Bladder, you are required in the local history section. You
know, behind the wildlife exhibition. Kevin’s there and he’s way overdue for a
break thanks to you. Turn your phone on and get yourself over there. And
call Jim!”

“Yes, SIR!” was Shawn’s sarcastic reply.

“Don’t worry about your trousers,” said Rick. “It doesn’t really show. See
you later. Oh wait, Shawn? Have you seen Jason anywhere?”

“In there,” replied Shawn and there was a hard bang on the cubicle door close
to Jason’s head as Shawn evidently kicked it from the other side. “He’s been
on the bog for twenty minutes. Why don’t you get the lazy sod out and send
him back to work since you’re so keen on bossing people around?” And there was
the sound of the men’s room door opening and slamming shut and Shawn’s
footsteps receding along the corridor.

There followed a short silence. Then there was a light tap on the cubicle
door and Rick’s voice saying softly: “Jason? Jase? Are you in there, man?”

Jason sniffled, wiped his eyes and then stood up gingerly. His sopping wet
uniform trousers made a noise as they disconnected from the toilet seat,
and he shivered slightly as some cold pee which had apparently collected
itself in a small pool in his lap now ran down his legs. He turned the lock
of the door and emerged to see Rick in his guard’s uniform gazing
compassionately at him. There was a short silence as the two lads regarded
each other.

“Hi,” said Rick simply, breaking the silence.

“Hi, Rick.” Jason gulped to stifle a sob and tried to smile weakly, but he
knew that his awful soaking wet state plus the fact that he had been crying
his eyes out would be obvious to Rick.

“Jim’s told me what just happened to you. He’s asked me if I can help you
get cleaned up. He says he’s got a spare uniform in your size for you to
change into and he’ll get over here as soon as he can.”

“Really?” said Jason in astonishment. “I’m getting a new uniform?”

“Yes. Now first we need to get you out of these wet things,” replied Rick.
“Tell you what. I’ve got a plastic bag which I left in the room where we
changed. I’ll get that for your wet uniform. And I’ll fetch your other
clothes from there while I’m at it. We might as well get you decent with
those while we’re waiting for your new uniform.”

Jason nodded, still trying to gauge the significance of the fact that Jim was
getting a new uniform for him.

“Yellow t-shirt and grey sweatpants, wasn’t it?” asked Rick as he put his
hand on the door ready to exit. As Jason nodded, Rick added with a smile:
“Yeah, I remember because I thought you looked really cool in them.”

Jason smiled back, this time genuinely, at the nice compliment. “Thanks. Oh and
the white sports socks too, they’re mine. These black ribbed ones are just as
wet as my trousers so I’ll have to change them.”

“Okay, mate. You go back in that cubicle just in case someone else comes in.
I’ll be with you in a minute with your things.” He winked supportively at
Jason and headed out into the corridor.

He was back a short time later with a plastic bag and an armful of Jason’s
civilian clothes, pushing the cubicle door open and joining Jason inside. The
space offered them plenty of room, and the two lads stood comfortably either
side of the toilet as Rick placed Jason’s dry clothes on top of the tank. Then
he murmured “Just a minute” to Jason who was still rooted to the spot in his
saturated company clothing, went back out to the washbasins, grabbed a generous
quantity of paper towels and ran half of these under a water tap before
returning to Jason with them. He shut the door of the cubicle behind them
and locked it.

“Okay, best keep our voices down now, right? We don’t want anyone coming in
to discover us in here and get the wrong idea.” Rick was speaking in a low
voice and grinning conspiratorially at Jason as he set the wet and dry paper
towels down in two separate piles on a convenient small wooden ledge mounted
above the toilet paper . “Come on then, get your wet things off and let’s
clean you up.”

Jason bent down stiffly and pulled off his shoes so that he was now standing
in black stockinged feet. “Those are wet too, I guess?” whispered Rick,
indicating the shoes. “Hand them to me,” he added and started stuffing some
of the dry paper towels inside them. Jason proceeded to peel off his piss-
saturated black ribbed company socks and dropped them, on Rick’s direction,
into the plastic bag.

But he was playing for time. Jason was remembering how Rick had looked at
his, Jason’s, cock several hours earlier when they had been standing side
by side at the urinals, and how embarrassed he had felt that Rick could see
that he, Jason, had a less-than-impressive sized penis. And now, unaccountably,
Jason was experiencing another problem “down there” which he felt was
yet more embarrassing if Rick should see this. He was trying to get rid of
this problem now before he had to remove his trousers and briefs, but the
problem was actually getting bigger. Literally.

“Come on, Jase. Off with those, man,” said Rick softly, indicating Jason’s
sopping wet trousers. Jason undid the belt and unzipped the fly slowly, but
then he faltered as he tried in vain to get rid of his erection. “Come on,”
prompted Rick again. And then, as Jason felt himself flush bright red in the
face with the shame, Rick gently inserted his hands at Jason’s waist-height
inside Jason’s trousers and underpants together and deftly flipped them up
and over Jason’s hard dick so that it sprang out to attention. Rick carefully
let the trousers drop to the floor and peeled the sopping wet briefs away from
Jason’s balls, then knelt down to ease Jason’s ankles and feet out of the
trouserlegs and pulled the underpants down too, adding these dripping wet
items to the socks in the bag.

Then Rick stood up again and put his arm round Jason’s back as he observed
Jason clasping his hands protectively round his rock-hard cock and looking
down in shame. “Jason, we all get hard-ons,” he whispered in Jason’s ear.
Then he added: “Look.” He pointed with one finger of his free hand
downwards at the crotch of his own dark blue uniform trousers. Jason opened
his eyes which he had been holding tightly shut and looked at where Rick
was pointing. Rick’s trousers were sharply tented, sticking out in front and
just slightly to one side of the centre. As Jason gazed, he saw the huge
bulge move slightly and expand even further. And he felt his own hard-on
surge and ache with a level of sexual tension which he had never before
experienced in his life, certainly not during any of his sporadic sexual
encounters since his adolescence which had never led anywhere, and which had
on Jason’s part been motivated more by a desire for company with the girl or
young woman concerned than by any obviously sexual feelings. But now, as he
looked back up from Rick’s tented uniform trousers to his face and read the
smoulderingly intense look in Rick’s eyes, catching as he did so a scent of
the light, masculine fragrance of Rick’s after-shave lotion, before dropping
his gaze back downwards over Rick’s slim body inside the new, crisp, uniform
and staring once again at the straining fabric where Rick’s erection was
showing, Jason was feeling a tingling sensation of supressed excitement to
which he could not for the moment put a name. Without being fully conscious of
what he was doing, Jason now put an arm round Rick’s waist and pulled him
even closer to him so that the two lads were cuddling each other, their
breathing coming in heavy, unison sighs. “You don’t know how much you’re
turning me on, Jason,” murmured Rick as they held each other and gently
touched their foreheads together. Jason wanted to reply, but he could not
find any words. He simply lingered in the moment.

After a few seconds the spell was broken as the lads suddenly heard the sound
of footsteps approaching rapidly from along the corridor. Jason yanked himself
back out of the embrace, and Rick hastily grabbed his crotch and adjusted his
hard cock so that it was no longer prodding so obviously against the inside
of his underwear and uniform trousers, and within three seconds he had turned
the lock to open and jumped out of the cubicle leaving Jason still standing
inside with his lower half stark naked. Rick was just in time. The door of
the men’s room was flung open and a young guy in the same security guard’s
uniform trotted briskly in. It was Kevin.

“Hi there,” said Kevin as he briefly registered Rick on his dash towards the
urinals, his hand groping at the fly of his dark blue trousers as he made his
way. He had his dick out in a trice and a powerful flow of light yellow urine
blasted against the white ceramic as Kevin sighed with relief. “Oh God, at
last!” he muttered either to himself or to Rick as the stream cascaded
noisily into the trough.

Jason, who had remained unnoticed by the newcomer, pulled the door of the
cubicle quietly to and hastily started to complete the job of removing his
uniform and cleaning his groin and legs with the paper towels as he listened
to the new developments.

“I damn near wet myself in that history exhibition down there, I don’t mind
telling you,” said Kevin to Rick as he continued to empty his bladder. “I
should have been on my break three quarters of an hour ago. That Shawn has got
a lot to answer for with his disappearing act!”

“Yes, he has,” agreed Rick, tugging at his crotch again to adjust his erection
in his underpants.

“Another five minutes and I would definitely have pissed myself,” continued

“That bad, was it?” answered Rick.

“And would you believe it? I couldn’t believe my eyes,” continued Kevin. “His
supreme macho-ness, Mr. Iron Bladder Control himself, has got a huge wet stain
all over his crotch and down one leg. It was screamingly obvious when he
finally arrived to let me go on my break just now. He’s acting like there’s
nothing wrong, but he’s standing down there now in a crowded part of the
museum with piss-wet trousers for all to see. If he’s got any sense he’ll
face a wall or something, but I’m not sure he even cares!” Kevin was still
peeing forcefully as he recounted these details and his excited voice was
competing with the noise of his urine cascade in about equal measure.

“Yes, I know. I found him here ten minutes ago trying to dry his trousers
under that drier over there,” volunteered Rick. “He got caught short, left
his station to run to the toilet, but then didn’t make it in time.”

“Oh really?” said Kevin.

“Yeah, that’s why he disappeared. I would feel sorry for him, but he was so
obnoxious to you and Leon earlier that I really can’t feel any sympathy now.
And the rude way he spoke to me when I discovered him was just incredible.”

“He should never have left his post like that anyway,” agreed Kevin. “Oh
Christ, that’s a relief, I needed that so much,” he added as his pee gradually
started to dwindle. “It was nearly two of us who would have wet ourselves,
I really was that close to doing it!”

“Three of us,” came a new voice from behind, correcting a detail in Kevin’s
latest observation.

Kevin turned his head in surprise and saw Jason emerging from the cubicle.
Not understanding what Jason meant, Kevin nonetheless registered with some
puzzlement that Jason was not in uniform. He appeared to be just in the act of
pulling up the grey sweats, which he had been wearing that morning, over his
bare arse cheeks. He was also barefooted, and now he was reaching behind for
his yellow shirt and pulling this on over his head.

“You finished work already, Jason?” said Kevin as he finished his pee, shook
off the drops and stuffed his cock back inside his trousers.

“Nope,” said Jason. “I hope not, anyway.”

Kevin zipped up, turned round and looked at Jason, puzzled. He spotted that
Jason’s eyes were red as if he had been crying, and his expression changed to
concern. “What is it, Jase? What’s wrong?” he inquired.

Rick interjected, anxious to provide his new friend with an alibi in case he
didn’t feel like sharing what had happened to him. “Jason wasn’t feeling very
well, Kevin,” he said.

Jason smiled at Rick and shook his head. “It’s alright, Rick, I don’t mind
Kevin knowing. He’s a nice guy.”

He turned to Kevin. “I wet myself on duty, Kevin. Peed my pants. It was much
worse than Shawn, too. I did it out there by the main entrance in front of
about a hundred people. I still can’t quite believe now what I’ve done,” he

Kevin’s reaction was of immediate mortification on Jason’s behalf, and he was
just as compassionate as Rick had been. “Ohhhh, mate! Heyyyyy! What a rotten
thing to happen. Oh, I’m so sorry. Are you alright now? Are you going home?”

“Rick’s helped me out. I’m still shaken up but I’m okay, I think. I’m just
not sure if I’ve still got a job.” He looked doleful.

“Of course you’ve still got a job, why shouldn’t you have?” said Rick

“But I made a terrible mess in front of all those people,” said Jason, his
face looking anguished once again. “Jim must be furious with me.”

“Jim’s fine about it, Jason. I spoke to him on the phone. He’s just concerned
about you and that was why he wanted me to help you before he brings your
new uniform. And he wouldn’t be doing that if he didn’t still want you, right?”

“I guess not. I don’t know.”

“Look, Jim’s a really good bloke,” persisted Rick. “He knows it was all Shawn’s
fault anyway. I think he just feels bad that you got put through this.”

Kevin agreed. “Yes, Jim won’t sack you for this, Jason. It’s Shawn who’s
going to get it in the neck. And Rick’s right, Jim’s a nice guy.”

Right on cue the door opened and Jim appeared in the opening. He was carrying
a bundle of uniform clothing. “Thanks, Kev,” he said smiling at Kevin. “I try
to be, yes. Hi there Rick,” he added, acknowledging the second new recruit.
And then he turned to Jason. “How are you feeling, Jase? Are you okay now? Did
you manage to get cleaned up?”

“Yes, thanks, Jim. I’m just a bit shaken up,” replied Jason smiling weakly.

“Yes, I can imagine. I’m sorry about what happened to you,” said Jim. “Now,
here’s one extra shirt, tie, epaulette, pair of socks and pair of trousers,”
continued Jim, handing each item to Jason from his arms as he reeled off
the list. “I want you to put these on as quick as you can so that you can get
back to work. They’re all in your size. You can sign for them later. All of you
get spare uniforms in due course, but we’ll deal with that tomorrow.”

Jason started removing the shirt and sweats that he had recently put on
ready to change into the uniform, hardly able to believe his good luck that
Jim was being so nice. Jason didn’t even feel any self-consciousness
about changing in front of the other guys as he would normally have done: the
atmosphere was so friendly and easy by now that any awkwardness about nudity
was completely unnecessary.

“I don’t have any underpants for you of course,” continued Jim as Jason
pulled off his sweatpants revealing his naked privates. “Sorry about that,
but I guess you don’t mind freeballing for a couple of hours.”

“No problem at all, thanks very much Jim,” said Jason as he started to pull
the neat new uniform trousers up over his genitals.

Jim continued: “Oh, and I’ve got a message to give on to you from that blond
lad at the bag check down there, whats-his-name…”

“Craig?” said Jason, his face lighting up as he remembered the friendly guy
who had chatted to him earlier but to whom he had had no opportunity to
say goodbye because of his horrible accident later on.

“Yes, Craig, that’s right,” said Jim. “Well, he went off duty some time ago
when I was still at your station, but he came up to me before going home to
say that he wants you to know how sorry he is for what happened to you and
hopes you are feeling better now. He also said he thinks you’re a very
nice lad. For what it’s worth, I agree with him.”

Jason flushed with pleasure, hardly daring to believe the about-turn in the
fortunes he was experiencing in this heavy, emotionally charged day. Kevin
nodded his agreement at Jason as well. Rick, too, bowed slightly to Jason, but
a careful observer might also have detected a tiny hint of jealousy in Rick’s
expression at the point when Craig had been mentioned.

“And that goes for all three of you,” continued Jim, now looking at Rick and
Kevin. “And Leon too. All of you have shown good dedication to duty by
foregoing your breaks at a time when Shawn had caused me some real trouble.
Thankyou very much. It looks like the afternoon’s crisis is passing over at
last. Only Leon still needs relieving from his post. Kevin, are you finally
taking your break now?”

“Yes, I’m off for a coffee in a minute if that’s okay,” Kevin replied.

“Good,” approved Jim. “I’ll call you up presently to let you know where I want
you to station yourself after that. You go and sit down.”

But Rick brought up the other subject at this point: “Jim, did Shawn call
you like I told him to?”

“Yeah,” added Kevin, “has Shawn told you why he left his post?”

“No, I haven’t the slightest idea,” replied Jim. “I heard he was now
covering the Local History station and that all is well in that area now, but
he hasn’t paid me the courtesy of a call, no.”

“He pissed himself, Jim,” said Rick. “Unlike Jason here, Shawn just left his
station and switched off his phone when he needed the toilet instead of
asking you for a time-out. And he didn’t quite make it in time with dry

“Oh, great!” sighed Jim. “That’s all I need. So he’s standing down there in
a wet uniform, is he?”

“‘Fraid so, yes,” said Kevin. “It’s a bit obvious too. He’s not exactly looking
at his smartest for Kelway Security.”

“Okay, thanks for the information,” said Jim. “Well, I was planning to get
him off anyway when things returned to normal so that he could explain to me
what the hell he was playing at. I’d better get him off the floor sooner
rather than later in the light of what you’ve just told me. Rick, could you
go down to L-H, take over from Shawn and tell him to come straight here and
see me on the double. You tell him that because I don’t feel like it to be
perfectly honest with you. I have no intention of calling him up if he hasn’t
got the basic courtesy to explain himself to me and apologize off his own

“Sure thing,” said Rick. “No problem. I’ll go straight down there now.”

“I’m off for a coffee, see you all later,” said Kevin, heading out into the
corridor. Rick made to follow him, but stopped and turned back to Jim and

“Oh… just a minute. Sorry, I really need a piss first. I’ve spent all the
time arguing with Shawn, then helping Jason, and finally chatting here, and
I never got to take the leak I’ve been needing for ages.” He stepped up to
a urinal and unzipped his fly.

Jim smiled. “We all have the same problems, don’t we?” he commented.

At this point Jim’s phone bleeped and he removed it from his belt, pressed
the answer button and spoke. “Security, Jim Allison speaking… Oh hi Leon,
how’s it going there, everything okay?… Oh… Yes, that’s… Yes I
understand, you… but…” Leon was evidently pouring out a monologue and Jim
could not get a word in edgeways. Finally Jim got his message through:
“Look stop apologizing will you Leon, as it happens you are not the only one.
Now listen. Stay exactly where you are and hang on tight. I will have someone
out to you in a few minutes at the most. Wait there until he arrives. Bye.” He
hung up.

“Leon needs the toilet,” said Jim. “Hardly surprising, he’s not had a break
at all yet. Jason, now that you’re dressed, could you get straight over to
galleries eighteen through twenty-four and relieve Leon for a while?”

“Of course,” replied Jason, hastily removing the bag of wet clothing from the
cubicle ready to take it through to the other room, and straightening his
tie ready for action.

“Thanks a lot,” said Jim. “And I’ll call you soon to let you know when I can
get you a coffee break. You need a proper sit down, and you really deserve it

“Thankyou, and no hurry with that, I’m feeling much better now,” replied

Rick had zipped up and washed his hands by now, and he made to leave. “I’ll
send Shawn straight here then,” he said as he collected his phone.

Walking out into the corridor, Rick suddenly stopped and turned back to speak
to Jason who was still checking that he had everything. “Um … Jason?”


“What are you doing tonight? Um… do you fancy coming home with me after
work? I.. er… I’d really like to drink some beers with you. What do you say?”

Jason looked into Rick’s eyes. Suddenly it seemed to him that Rick was the
vulnerable one now. In his face Jason could read shyness, uncertainty, and
possibly some sort of anxiety, as if Rick was voicing a powerful desire that
meant a lot to him but was scared that he, Jason, would reject him and say
no. Jason looked fleetingly at Rick’s athletic, uniformed body and the well-
filled crotch in the blue uniform trousers that had been poking out so
impressively earlier in the cubicle, and remembered how he had felt in the few
seconds when the two had cuddled each other in there. He moved his eyes back
up to look at Rick’s handsome, nervous face again. And he smiled warmly.

“Sounds nice to me Rick. Yes, I’d love to. Meet you here when we get off at
six then, okay?”

Rick’s anxious expression dissolved into a grin of pure joy and the two lads
then shared another moment of fleeting physical contact as Rick reached out
and squeezed Jason shyly on the arm before saying “See ya mate” and set off in
the direction of Shawn’s work station.

“Well, that’s nice to see,” beamed Jim to Jason as Rick headed away. “It’s
always great if work colleagues can be friendly outside hours too. Hope you
have a nice evening then.”

“I’m sure I will,” replied Jason, inwardly glowing.

“Okay then. Now Jason, could you hurry up and get over to gallery eighteen?
I told Leon a while ago on the phone that I would make sure he was relieved in
no more than twenty minutes, but he said just now that he’s absolutely bursting
for a pee and he doesn’t think he can wait until then. He sounded really
agitated and upset about it, too. Just like you did earlier. I only hope he
hasn’t left it too late before telling me.”

“Oh, right you are,” said Jason hastily. “I know exactly how Leon feels. I’ll
head straight there now, it won’t take me a minute if I run. See you later Jim.
And thanks for everything.”

“You’re welcome. Off you go now, Jason”, replied Jim.

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Security Guards Chapter 2

This is the second part of a three-part story. Chapter 1 can be found here: Chapter 3 can be found here: CHAPTER 2…


  1. Wow as always the best stories on here – and such a long story with so much in it – thanks for posting it

  2. Hey, you’re the best writer.
    It’s really ‘horny good’ thinking about those people who are not allowed to piss in their jobs.
    The desperation is an amazing feeling to be seen and to be felt too!

    Please keep writing. I do like your stories.

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