Security Guards Chapter 1

This is the first part of a three-part story.

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“All five phones back in this box, please. don’t take any into the canteen with
you,” instructed Jane Flint, senior security officer at the city’s museum and
art gallery complex to her five male trainees. “If anyone is still unclear
about how they function and when you will need to use them, now’s your last
chance to ask me. Otherwise, thanks for your attention this morning, enjoy
your lunch and be back here by one forty-five where Jim will issue you with a
uniform and a personal mobile phone with smart-keycode access to our internal
network and assign you your work stations for your afternoon shifts.”

Five twenty-something lads who had little in common with each other apart from
all living in the same city and all having recently been accepted on a trial
basis by Kelway Security in response to this company’s winning the city
museum contract, stopped playing with the phones and handed them back to Jane.
Unlike her, they were all still dressed in jeans or sweats and not looking in
the least like the museum security officials into which they would be
transformed in barely an hour’s time. The morning had quickly seen the initial
slightly stilted and nervous atmosphere, with five new recruits on their first
day in a new job, dissolve into an enjoyable learning exercise full of fun and
humour. They had begun with general information about the museum and art
gallery together with the treasures which were held there and the role that
the recruits would play in ensuring the security of exhibits, personnel and
members of the public. All through the morning plenty of coffee had been
available from a machine in the training room which also dispensed vanilla,
caramel and chocolate additives which everyone had found absolutely delicious
and had freely indulged. Finally the guys had been able to get to grips with
the use of the phones which they would be using, and all ice was broken as
they practised contacting each other and the general museum switchboard
(simulated for the purposes of the training by Jane’s phone) with examples of
the types of situation which might necessitate this.

“No, that would be misuse of the emergency code and not only would you be
sacked on the spot but I think your company’s contract would not survive the
incident,” Jane had said as a grinning but rather red faced Kevin bolted out
of the room to hoots of laughter from the others. “Just go easy on the coffee
before a shift,” she had added as advice, smiling and sharing in the
general merriment nonetheless, as the door slammed behind the lad and the sound
of his running footsteps receded down the corridor. Twenty-four year old Kevin
had been challenged by Jane to suggest an emergency situation so that they
could practise the function which alerted all security personnel. He had
not needed to use his imagination because the cups of vanilla coffee which
he had been knocking back as frequently as the other lads had caused a bursting
bladder. Without hesitation he had tapped in the emergency code, stated
“someone come and take over my post from me, I’ve got to take a leak before I
piss myself!”, and dashed out through the door, pushing past Rick and Jason as
he did so.

The timely arrival of lunchtime and the end of the training with Jane had
meant that Kevin and Leon had been the only two of the five new recruits
forced to violate the delicate macho rule which stated that as a young healthy
man in the presence of peers, and especially in the company of a woman, you do
not admit to having to pee so badly that you cannot wait until the next natural
opportunity. Leon’s amusement at Kevin’s unexpected exit was compounded by
feelings of relief that his own embarrassing problem earlier that morning no
longer singled him out with this particular wimpish weakness. During the
initial training video which they had all been required to watch after the
introductions, Leon had started seriously wishing that he had found a men’s
room before the start, and when the video-showing had been followed by a
conducted tour of the museum and gallery as a group with no pause in between,
Leon had found himself, to his increasing panic, almost wetting his jeans as
the tour went on and on. With a dry mouth and pounding heart, Leon was soon no
longer paying the slightest attention to Jane’s description but was expending
all his effort while they walked through the museum on a search for a sign to
public toilets. When he finally spotted this, he called out “Wait, wait, I’ll
be back in a sec!” to the others who were walking straight past, and dived down
the staircase indicated by the sign, actually pushing past some members of the
public as he did so, making it inside to a urinal and releaving his bursting
bladder with only some slightly damp underwear as damage due to some pee
spurting out too soon when the fly of his jeans got stuck for a moment under
his trembling fingers. Hurrying back out to rejoin the others who had all had
to wait for him, Leon had his humiliation crowned by Jane’s reminder that
museum staff were required to use staff facilities, not public ones: “If you’d
been in uniform, that could have cost you your job,” she had warned him.

With the morning’s training now complete, the slight hastiness with which the
phones were returned and the goodbyes said to Jane was evidence that keeping
the aforementioned macho rule had been a close call for Rick, Shawn and Jason
too even though they had managed not to violate it like the other two had.
Jason was first out of the room, followed closely by the other four lads
all moving purposely in the direction of the toilets, the canteen taking a
distinct second place on the list of priorities. Kevin, too, brought up the
rear, realising that he too could do with another leak despite its being so
soon after his previous time.

Jason made a beeline for the door with the little man depicted by it, his hand
instinctively fumbling round the front of his grey sweatpants as he went. He
had not peed since he had got out of bed five hours before, partly out of habit
since his second pee of the day was normally a prelude to his lunch, but also
in this case under the influence of being in the company of new colleagues
and, particularly, a trainer of the opposite sex. The delicious caramel
coffees, with occasional dalliances with vanilla and one try of the chocolate,
had amounted to far more than his normal morning fluid intake of several small
cups. He had been so taken with the sweet, rich coffee, that he had even at
one point in the proceedings surreptitiously downed an extra cup whilst making
a round for everyone from the machine in the little classroom.

During the final session where they all got to know the ins and outs of the
equipment, Jason had been aware of an increasingly desperate need to relieve
himself. Within a half hour of lunchtime this was bad enough to over-ride the
embarrassment issues which had stopped him going before and he might have
excused himself and gone to the toilet, but now they were all working closely
together with practical exercises and leaving the room would disrupt the
proceedings. So Jason sat there and held on.

When Kevin had then pulled his stunt when asked to simulate an emergency and
stumbled past Jason and Rick in his desperate rush for the men’s room, Jason
joined in with the hilarity but at the same time felt some irritation since he
then had to fight an enormous urge to rush out with Kevin. This would have
looked so ridiculous that it was unthinkable, so he merely used the cover of
everyone’s amusement to fight for control by pushing his hands into his groin,
pressing on his dick through the soft covering layers of his briefs and
sweatpants and squirming in his seat. But then he had spotted Rick looking
straight at his, Jason’s, crotch, so he had hastily removed his hands from
his lap again and knocked his legs back and forth as he fought back the urge.
Rick was still staring down at him, and Jason hastily took a peek at his sweats
too to assure himself that they were not exhibiting any leakage for Rick or
anyone else to see.

Now, with the training session finally over and his briefs mercifully still
dry, Jason was first into the tiny staff men’s room, ignoring the “cleaning in
progress” sign outside and registering as he entered that the cleaner was
busy in the single cubicle but all three white porcelain urinals were free.
As he hurried straight to the leftmost trough and pulled his dick out from his
underpants and sweats in one practised and very urgent movement ready to
let it all go, he was aware of the others all trampling in after him, and in
particular Rick stepping up to the urinal next to his. Jason’s piss-flow
had started instantly and the relief was indescribable, but he nevertheless
cringed and almost cut the flow off as he sensed Rick glancing towards him
and downwards. A glance to his side at Rick’s face confirmed, to Jason’s
acute embarrassment, that Rick was indeed looking at Jason’s dick and the
powerful stream emanating from it, and Jason hastily moved his hand so that
it obscured Rick’s view. He had always been slightly self-conscious that his
cock was not as big as most other guys’ ones, and despite the exquisitely
pleasurable sensation of finally releasing the pee that he had been forced to
hold much longer than he was used to, Jason now felt an irrational but still
very real anxiety that Rick had just measured him up down there and might
have found him to be lacking.

Continuing to empty his bladder, Jason anxiously shot a glance to his right
and downwards a few seconds after Rick had unzipped and started his own
piss-flow. He wanted to see if Rick’s cock was indeed obviously bigger than
his own, but this turned out to be hard to ascertain because Rick was
standing up close to the porcelain. What was obvious to Jason, however, was
Rick’s amused expression when – totally unintentionally on Jason’s part – the
two lads then caught each other’s eye. Jason shot his head back to face the
front and felt the blood flow to his face. Oh, how embarrassing, Rick had
spotted him looking and found it funny!

“How’s it going, Jason, you all set for this afternoon’s work?” said Rick,
breaking the tension after a few seconds of silence save for the noise of
their powerful piss streams and that of Shawn who had taken the other urinal
to Rick’s right and had started peeing too.

“Mmm-hmm,” replied Jason indistinctly, not daring to look back at Rick again.

“Letting all those caramel coffees out the other end at last, eh?” added Rick.
This did nothing to ease Jason’s embarrassment as he recalled the last half
an hour of the morning’s training when Rick had seemed fascinated by his,
Jason’s, increasingly desperate fidgeting and squirming. He made no reply.

Leon, however, filled the silence. He and Kevin were both standing behind
their three new colleagues waiting for a trough to become available, and it
had already been almost a full minute since the five had barged into the
small men’s room altogether. “Oh come on, guys, aren’t you done yet?” was
Leon’s exasperated question. “Stop gossiping and let someone else in if
you’ve finished!”

Rick turned his head to reply to the lad who had made them all wait in the
public area of the museum when he had got caught short earlier that morning
and was now walking awkwardly on the spot behind him and Jason. “No, we’re not
done, mate. Piss in a washbasin if you can’t wait your turn.”

“Don’t you dare, I’ve just cleaned those!” interjected the cleaner at once.
He interrupted his work in the single cubicle to stare hard at Leon.

Leon swore something unintelligible under his breath as Jason and Rick both
continued to water the porcelain, but then spotted Shawn zipping up. He
exclaimed “Hey, you already went just now, let me in first!” to Kevin who
was fumbling with his fly and moving forward to take Shawn’s place. Kevin
obediently retreated, Leon rushed to the vacant spot and, for the second time
that day, leaked a spurt of pee into his underwear as he struggled with the
awkward zipper of his jeans before successfully extracting his cock and
releasing a torrent with an involuntary, clearly audible sigh.

Shawn looked up from washing his hands to address the cleaner. “Sorry about
that, one or two people here don’t seem to have been fully potty trained,”
he remarked.

Leon was still too busy with his explosive piss to react to this insult,
but Kevin, who had now taken the place finally vacated by Jason and judged
correctly that Shawn was also referring to him, turned his head to glare at
him. “Oh, so you’ve never been in that situation before then, Shawn, when
you’re almost wetting yourself?” he enquired.

“No, I’ve got iron control, mate,” replied Shawn. “I can always wait as long
as I have to.” And he smugly hit the button of the drier and stood with his
legs wide apart in swaggering fashion, evidently proud of his self-proclaimed
bladder control as if it was somehow evidence of his manliness.

“I see, so Mr. Iron Bladder never gets desperate for a wee, then?” enquired
Rick drily as he rinsed his hands under the tap. “We’ll have to see about
that.” Shawn merely smirked in reply.

As new trainees the five were each entitled to a complimentary individually
packed lunch which they consumed together at a table in the staff canteen.
Each meal included filled bread rolls and sandwiches, plus an individual
carton of cranberry juice. Jason ate his lunch quietly, nodding occasionally
at Rick who was seated next to him and chatting about his previous job.
Inwardly, however, Jason was a little concerned. He was nervous about the
afternoon ahead when he and the others would be working in the museum for
real, and in particular he could not understand why he could already feel
twinges in his bladder again barely fifteen minutes after he had peed with the
other lads before. While half concentrating on what Rick was saying, he
mentally tried to tot up the number of speciality coffees he had consumed
during the training, and frowned to himself as he realised that it amounted to
far more than he would normally drink during a morning. Jane’s training had
covered the contractual requirement that security personnel should remain at
their posts at all times until relieved by colleagues, and her comment about
avoiding too much coffee before a shift now also hit home to Jason as he
felt his bladder filling steadily as the minutes of their lunch break ticked

Jason told himself that there were two precautions he should take in any case:
firstly, he would need to use the toilet again before they assembled for duty,
and secondly, he should not touch his carton of cranberry juice.

Shawn, meanwhile, was draining his juice with a final slurping suck on the
small straw provided with the container. “This is great juice,” he was saying.
“I wish they’d given us a proper-sized carton.” The carton was, in fact,
blessed with quite reasonable dimensions by most people’s standards, but Shawn
was evidently used to proper “man-sized” quantities.

“Have mine,” said Jason at once, passing his unopened container across. “I
don’t drink the stuff.” Shawn accepted gratefully with a “Cheers, mate!” and
immediately plunged the straw through the thin foil to suck in a mouthful of
the sweet-tasting juice as he continued to hold forth about his basketball
team’s latest successes to a politely listening Leon and Kevin.

Rick also chatted on to Jason as the forty-minute lunch break gradually
passed, and Jason felt himself warming to this new colleague of much his own
age who was showing genuine interest in Jason’s previous work and hobbies too.
Jason quickly forgot the embarrassing moment in the men’s room when each had
had caught the other peeking at their dicks and the awkwardness before that
in the training room when he had felt that Rick was watching him squirming
when he, Jason, needed the toilet rather badly. In fact he relaxed so much
under Rick’s charms that, with ten minutes of their lunch break still to go,
he even used a pause in their conversation to confide his slight anxiety.

“I’m going to have to ask you to move in a moment to let me out, Rick,” he
stated in a matter-of-fact tone. They were seated on a bench and Jason was
in the corner, blocked in by Rick. “I just can’t understand why I have to
pee again so soon after we all went before. I didn’t need to go all morning
before that. It doesn’t make sense.” He knocked his sweat-pants clad legs
together a few times as if to illustrate his statement for Rick’s benefit.
The pressure was not exactly acute, but Jason was already rather uncomfortable
as he sat there.

“That’s right, you broke the seal, Jason. We all did. I need to go again too,”
replied Rick, grinning at him.

“What’s breaking the seal?” asked Jason who had never heard the expression

Rick explained the phenomenon whereby your body can often contain large
excesses of fluid for a long period until the first time you go and pee, after
which you will keep wanting to go every twenty minutes or so. When Jason
mentioned that this was not welcome news given that they were due to start
an afternoon’s work as security guards and would not be allowed to leave
their posts for periods of an hour or more, Rick replied: “Right, that’s why
we should wait until just before we have to start work, and not use the toilet
until then. If you’ve broken the seal, you should try to hold off the urges
you get after that as long as you can so that your bladder doesn’t get the
idea it can just pee whenever it wants to.”

As Jason took this in, Rick then grinned and added in a low voice: “Obviously
not drinking the juice was a good move of yours too. I had the same idea, and
now I’m really interested to see if I can get Mr. Iron Bladder over there to
down mine too. It could be interesting, couldn’t it?” Shawn was just slurping
the last dregs of Jason’s carton and sitting back with a satisfied, clearly
audible, burp. “Hey, Shawn, I’m not drinking mine either. Here you are.”
Rick pushed his untouched carton across to a startled Shawn who hesitated
for a moment.

“What are you trying to do, Rick?” asked Kevin in amusement. “Do you want to
make Shawn piss his pants on duty this afternoon?” Kevin clearly knew
about the hazards of drinking cranberry juice, and although he had taken
a few sips of the delicious drink from his own carton he had carefully left
it at that. Leon, on the other hand, had drunk all his juice without a second
thought and this light-hearted question from Kevin now caused him to frown
to himself, unnoticed by the others, in sudden inward concern.

“But Shawn has iron bladder control like he told us,” replied Rick. “He never
has a problem like that. Isn’t that right Shawn?”

“Yeah, that’s right,” replied Shawn defensively.

“Right, and he loves cranberry juice too,” continued Rick. “What’s the matter,
Shawn, are you a wimp or are you a man? Is that third carton freaking you
out or something? Can’t you rise to a tiny challenge like this one?”

Shawn picked up the carton and inserted the straw. “Alright then, since it
matters so much to you Rick.” He took a breath and gulped down Rick’s juice
in a single go, swallowing a lengthy series of mouthfuls in brisk succession
and then finally demonstrating the emptiness of the container by sucking the
air from it so that the carton flattened itself. Shawn then swallowed that air
on top of the juice and burped it out again loudly to cheers from his
companions and various disapproving frowns from other staff members in the

The general bonhomie in the group thus cemented, and Shawn’s manly credentials
confirmed, all five lads headed for the toilets with five minutes to go before
their one-forty-five rendez-vous. All, including Shawn, took a precautionary
pee in preparation for starting work. Jason and one or possibly two others
genuinely needed to piss again and had been holding it in towards the end of
the short lunchbreak. For the others it was simply a sensible thing to do,
especially given that they were starting a new, unfamiliar job in which
frequency of opportunities to pee were an uncertain factor.

This second communal toilet visit in quick succession was followed by
assembly in the training room where their supervisor Jim was now in charge.
Jim was a pleasant natured man of around forty, at least ten years older than
any of them, and he had personally interviewed each lad a couple of weeks
before and accepted them for the post of security guard as soon as each one
had covered some initial training and passed a short test.

Jim greeted everyone again now amiably and began the business of handing out a
uniform to each new officer, having measured them up for this purpose after
their interviews a few weeks earlier. “I trust these will all fit,” he said as
he issued each recruit a single sky blue shirt, dark blue tie, dark blue
pressed trousers with black belt, black ribbed socks, and an epaulette
emblazoned with the insignia of the security company. “They’re made to your
individual measurements. I’m glad to see everyone’s come wearing smart black
shoes as required. Now since this is an all-male group I suggest you all just
change in here together, okay?  I’ll run through the details of this
afternoon’s roster while you’re changing. And feel free to ask me anything if
it wasn’t clear from Jane’s training session.”

Jason started stripping to his underwear along with the others. A slightly
anxious glance down at the bulge in his briefs assured him that, despite
his desperation towards the end of the training and the mildly full bladder
he had subsequently experienced during lunch, he had not leaked in any obvious
way and so there was no need for self-consciousness now in front of the others.
Even so, while he started pulling on the smart trousers and tightened the
belt round his slim waist, he felt another pang of anxiety as he detected a
slight tension in his bladder regions despite having peed with the others
just minutes before. This really wasn’t possible, he told himself, and must
be simply due to nervousness about starting an unfamiliar job, so he put the
thought aside and concentrated on the twin tasks of dressing and listening to
Jim’s general instructions.

As he adjusted his smart neck tie Jason glanced up and saw Rick gazing at
him approvingly. “You look good in that uniform, Jason,” said his new
colleague, eyeing Jason up and down. “It fits very snugly around you.”

“Thanks, you look smart too,” replied Jason shyly.

“Have I got my epaulette fixed correctly?” Rick then asked him.

Jason ran his hands over Rick’s shoulder and assured him that the insignia
was fastened as it should be, and Rick reciprocated by gently adjusting
Jason’s tie and smoothing it down over Jason’s stomach. But as he did this
Jason once again felt tension in the region under Rick’s hands, and with a
slightly dry mouth he once again flexed his bladder muscles to judge if his
bladder really was completely empty. He was acutely aware that if it was still
filling at a rate of knots he could be in trouble during his coming shift.
Rick’s description during lunch of the phenomenon of “breaking the seal” was
also at the forefront of Jason’s mind as he tried to work out how it might
apply to him now. And again, the signals he got back from his bladder-testing
were confusing and inconclusive: he could not detect any clear need for a piss,
but he wasn’t at all comfortable and relaxed either.

Meanwhile Jim, who had been calling out the afternoon’s roster for each
individual in turn, had come round to Jason’s own personal schedule, so
Jason turned his full attention to this. “Jason, you’ve drawn the short straw,
or you can also see it as a blessing because you will have it over and done
with quickly and after that other people will have to do it instead.” Jason
swallowed and continued to listen. “You’re out at the front by the queues
of people paying to enter the museum. That means that you start with a full
ninety minutes, an hour and a half, where you stand in a very limited area
of maximum visibility which you must not leave during that time. Of course
not leaving your post for any reason until relieved by your colleague applies
to every position in the museum and gallery, but yours is especially
important because you are at the front of the house, giving out the confident
security-conscious message which is our business to the paying customers as
they arrive. You are also in the area where the money is being taken, so the
high-visibility security presence is of added crucial importance. Remember
that you are protecting the museum staff at the front who have the highly
responsible job of taking and securing the customers’ payments.”

Jason drew a deep breath and tried to relax as he continued to listen to his
instructions. The tension around his midriff did not abate.

“Another reason why your initial post is considered unpopular is the fact
that you remain standing in the limited maximum-visibility area for the
entire time, and this can be exhausting since you can’t walk around very
much without looking like a demented caged prisoner pacing back and forth,”
continued Jim, “but you will be compensated by a full half-hour’s coffee
break afterwards before taking over from Leon in galleries eighteen through
twenty-four, and this much lighter work brings you to the end of your shift.”

Jim turned his attention to Shawn. “You, Shawn, will start by the Ancient
Greece exhibition…” Jason took another breath and mentally tried to assess
the afternoon’s work as he stopped listening to Jim. But Rick turned back to
him. “Hey, Jason, that means I’ll be taking over from you by the museum
entrance. You’ll be able to fill me in on what I’ll have to do because I won’t
have the slightest idea,” he prattled, diverting Jason’s attention back from
the question he had started to ask himself about whether he would be able to
wait one and a half hours before an opportunity to pee. Jason had just started
to conclude, with a gnawing anxiousness in his gut, that his bladder had
definitely started to fill again and he would actually have to go to the
toilet yet again before they started if he was to have any hope of holding
out. “Why oh why have I drunk so much coffee this morning?” he asked himself
as he only half-listened to Rick. He even seriously considered approaching
Jim and saying that he was rather worried he might have to use the toilet
during his first posting and asking him what he should do if that indeed
turned out to be the case. Obviously the emergency code on the phone was not
the answer, as Jane had emphatically informed Kevin that morning. But then
what did you do? Jason decided that asking Jim such a ridiculous question was
not a good idea, and in any case Jim was still too busy with final instructions
to the others plus the issue of a personal mobile phone to each lad.

Even worse, they were evidently out of time: Jim was saying: “And now if you
can all proceed to your initial stations…” and each neatly uniformed
recruit was attaching his telephone to his belt ready to exit the room. And
Jason now definitely needed to go to the toilet.

With a dry mouth, Jason hastily called out “Hang on, I just need a quick pee
before starting,” and headed purposely for the door.

“Again? What’s the matter with you, man!?” This was Shawn.

“Hurry up then, lad!” Jim answered Jason urgently, ignoring Shawn. “We are due
to relieve the other colleagues in five minutes if I’m not going to have to
pay them overtime and you need that time to get down there. You have no time
to lose!

His heart pounding, Jason sprinted down the corridor and into the men’s room.
Bounding up to the nearest urinal, he felt his hands shaking as he fiddled
with the new, stiff zip of his unfamiliar blue trousers. Successfully pulling
his dick out and aiming, Jason strained for about ten seconds in several
attempts to empty his bladder at the required lightning speed. In his panic
he could hear the others filing out of the training room and setting off
down the stairs without him. But he couldn’t force any pee to come out,
despite the obvious fullness he could now feel inside.

After a while of fruitless straining Jason then forced himself to relax.
Clearly he was not going to get the plumbing into gear unless he could let
it go at its own speed. Gradually his breathing slowed to a relatively
normal rate. The clatter of his new uniformed friends’ shiny black shoes
died away as they descended the stairs. The only sound he could now hear was
that of the water pouring into the urinals from their automatic flushing
system. Still no pee was being released from Jason’s aching, overworked
bladder, but with the discipline of a technique which he had learned to
master during his adolescence Jason concentrated on the water flushing the
white porcelain in front of him, relaxed his muscles more and more, and
then very gradually felt the sensations of his half-full bladder releasing
urine down his urethra. Another practised relaxation of other muscles on
the journey downwards led to an initial slight squirt of crystal clear
colourless urine slapping against the back of the newly washed white ceramic.
Jason relaxed still more, shut his eyes, and at last felt the low-pressure
flow of piss start up.

At that instant the door was flung open behind him and an agitated Jim
strode into the men’s room. “Come on, you must be ready now, you have GOT to
start work!” he exclaimed, marching over to stand behind Jason and peer over
his shoulder to stare down at Jason’s cock, and thereby witnessing the
cutting off of the clear stream as Jason panicked and clenched.

“Good, come on then,” said Jim, taking what he saw as evidence that Jason had
just finished. “I’m going to drive you round to the front in my car because
you don’t have time to get there on foot any more. Your colleague finishes
in two minutes. Move, man, move!!”

Jason’s whole body shuddered and he winced in agony as he stuffed his dick
back into his underwear, squeezing it tightly to stop the flow before
yanking up the zipper. After a moment’s check that his phone was still safely
attached to his belt and that his blue trousers were correctly fastened at
the front once again, he trotted out behind his new supervisor who was already
clattering down the stairs and glancing back to make sure that Jason was

Jim’s company car was parked by the doors, and muttering “Get in!” to Jason
he jumped into the driver’s seat and started the engine. Jason barely had
his own door shut before the car accelerated sharply down the service road
of the museum, Jim navigating round the buildings while Jason, from force of
habit, struggled with his seatbelt which had jammed. Giving up on his
attempt to fasten the belt and recognising the incongruousness of this
niceity for such a short journey in any case, Jason instead settled back in
his seat, gingerly felt his aching bladder through his stomach and tried to
assess the unenviable position in which he now found himself.

Jim was apologizing to him, Jason now realised, as he continued to drive
briskly along the service roads leading to the museum front. “Jason, I’m
sorry, I shouldn’t have hassled you the way I did,” he was saying. “But please
remember to allow sufficient time for toilet necessities like that before your
shift in future. You must be ready in position to relieve your colleagues
at the appointed time. It all goes pear-shaped if you don’t. We work strictly
according to fixed times. My carefully worked-out roster collapses if you
don’t adhere to it.”

They were drawing up at the museum’s main entrance now, under the curious
gaze of a huge queue of members of the public. Jason felt his hands shaking
with nervousness as he gripped the door handle. He still had no idea how he
was going to deal with the pressure in his bladder which, unless he was
lucky, would likely increase to critical proportions during the course of
the next hour and a half. And now he would have to appear as the calm,
professional security guard which he was expected to be, standing at attention
for ninety full minutes before Rick would be due to relieve him.

“Okay, no panic now,” Jim was saying as he applied the handbrake. You’ve
actually got two minutes, so just relax and stroll over to your colleague
who will be standing in there just behind the barriers. Ask that colleague
anything you want about what you’re expected to do. We’re all here to help
each other. Good luck mate, any hassle or problems and you call me on my
private smartphone code, which is…?” he prompted.

“Two-seven-six,” replied Jason automatically, “and nine-nine-nine if it’s
an emergency,” he added, parroting the morning’s training.

“Very good,” said Jim, smiling at Jason. “But it’s most unlikely you’ll have
any emergency situation. Off you go, good luck, and see you later.” He
patted Jason’s arm in a friendly fashion and drove straight on with a
crunch of the wheels on the gravel service road after Jason had stepped
stiffly out and shut the door. He headed into the building.

It was the moment he had been anticipating for weeks. Probationary security
officer Jason Woodrow was now starting work on his first shift.

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