Security Guard

His gut growled angrily. Another cram, stronger this time. Hank tried to look casual, but he was in a predicament. After a couple of days of being completely constipated, it seemed that his bowels had finally found the way to get some relief… too bad it was during his shift.

He was a security guard at a very big shopping mall. His spot today was located near the west entrance, known for being the most problematic one, as it was the most used one, even though the main entrance was the one at the center of the building. The cause of this was the fact that the west entrance was the only that led to the internal parking slot.
Hank was not allowed to leave his spot unless he was told otherwise, and sneaking to the nearest restrooms wasn’t an option as he was constantly monitored by a security camera.
Ten minutes before, he had called to his superior, asking him for permission to leave his spot for five minutes. But when asked why he wanted to do that, he felt too embarrased of admiting he needed to shit like hell, and the permission was denied.
“Your shift ends in half an hour, wait for your relay” was the order of Nick, his boss.
Hank almost cried when he heard that. Half an hour? he didn’t know if he could wait that long.
“Come on. I’m a grown man” he thought “I’m perfectly able to wait.”
He breathed deeply, stood straight and squeezed his checks tight, just in case. But it wasn’t going to be an easy tasks. Fifteen minutes were left, and he was actually in pain. His gut hurt, and he was getting cramps for moments. He could almost feel the huge log making his way to his hole.
His cheeks were getting numb from squeezing them too tight, and he, terrified, could feel how they were spreading, making room for the log to get out, as they were designed to.
Ten minutes left. Hank was covered in sweat by now, and constantly trying to avoid messing his pants. His gut was aching a lot more, and silent but strong farts were making his way out. He wished they’d at least release some of the pressure he was feeling, but that also seemed to be getting worse. 

He was standing as straight as he could, his hands on his back, subtly pressing against his butt. Maybe that would help to keep all in.

Five minutes left. Hank was almost praying for his relay to be there on time. Every second mattered for him. Up until this point he was able to squeeze the log back inside every time it attempted to get through his hole, but now he was feeling like if his muscles had relaxed. His body was not cooperating with him at all.
He looked to his right, and he finally saw a ray of hope for him. His relay was walking towards him, in a very calm way. Hank tried to tell him to hurry up, but the other guard was looking at the stores, not paying attention to him. A couple of moments later, the guy, named Fred, finally arrived. He handed Hank a pen and a sheet of paper were he would always check in and check out his shifts.
Hank signed as quickly as he could, trying to look as normal as possible, and finally left his spot.
It was not done yet, the restrooms were a good 20m away from him, and walking in his condition was not easy. He had to take shorts steps, affraid that spreading his legs too much would ruin all the effort he had made to remain clean.
Each step was hard to take, though. It seamed that his vowels knew they were about to get released and were eager to it. But he has almost there, he was about to make it towards the pain and the deny of relief…
He suddenly knew he couldn’t wait longer. He got into the restrooms at the same time his log started to fill his pants. 
“no, no, please no”  Hank thought as he opened the door to the nearest stall, but there was no way to stop it now.
He could feel the weigh of the huge log as he was unbuttoning his pants. He pulled them down and sat on the toilet. Yeah, a little bit when there, but the biggest thing was resting in his briefs, between his legs, at the floor.

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