Secret Wetting

I am visiting a friend in his workplace this weekend helping him sort out computer problems.  Been drinking tea all morning and after peeing for abotu the 4th or 5th time, I started wanting to do a wetting. 

But how?  In a situation where you can’t be noticed!

This is what I did.

When I got dressed this morning, I put on TYR swim jammers on as underwear.  I didn’t plan anything to this end, but simply because I like the way they fit.  They are 100% synthetic, fast drying.

After feeling a little bit shy to be seen going to the bathroom for the 5th time, I decided to make it wait a little longer.  I ended up getting horny as a result of the desperation.  I knew I had to pee somehow and do something interesting.

To improve horniness for me to make things more interesting, I let my imagination wander.  This will be different for many people, but for me, I imagined that I was in a place lacking of privacy and had to pee really bad, leaving me no choice but to pee straight through my shorts.

I sat on the toilet, pointed myself downward.  Used my fingers to push the fabric upwards so the pee would go straight out (instead off all over my legs and butt) and let it go.  The stream was unusuall with a large flow and a second skinny trickle.  But the goal was made.  I was able to pee without pulling down the shorts and the wet spot was very tiny.  After pulling on my jeans, The evidence was hidden.  Even if I was at the  pool or creek wearing these shorts, the spot would have been only visible to the trained and searching eye.  Under the jeans — hidden.

I left the bathroom almost shaking with excitement.

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  1. I’ve done that too, and that is pretty exhilerating too, but they do leak unless you do a really good job taping it on. I had a painful mishap once involving condom, duct tape, and hair though

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