second update on the diapers

so i still have a decent amount of diapers still left over, and i just put on another one, and this time to try and determine the size, i diapered my big stuffed animal labrador retriever lol, and then pulled it up on me, but the thing is i think i may have done it a little too tight because when i pulled it on, it was really tight, nonetheless though, 3 out of 4 tapes on the diaper are currently holding even when i sat down on the toilet with the seat cover up, so for now this is a good size, but i’m still looking for the perfect fit, i will consider buying new diapers however perhaps in a different brand, maybe depends or tena, anyway that’s all for now

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  1. buy goodnites instead if u r getting store diapers depends dont work it leaks bad or if u buy online get abena m4, bambinos,abu cushies

  2. i prefer not to buy online just yet because i’m afraid the package will get to my parents before it gets to me, and i’ve heard depends real fit works pretty well, and idk it’s possible the pharmacy might sell goodnites, when i run out of the diapers i have now, i’ll go back and get different ones

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