Second time poop

The buzzer eventually broke through her dreams and Tal Bar rolled over in bed to swat her alarm clock and restore peace to her bedroom.Time to get up and head to the city and work at the Park Plaza Orchid Hotel right beside the sea.There she worked cleaning each room as guests left,and making the rooms ready for their next occupants.It was not the most glamorous job but the pay was good and she loved working right by the sea as it meant that she could sit and enjoy pretending to be a tourist each day in her meal break.Her memory was still full of the wonderful experience she had enjoyed by accident a week ago when she had been caught in the American Embassy during a raid alarm and as she was allowed out to the street again had slightly pooped her pants.Then she rode home on her scooter and completed the job by filling her pants wit lots of soft poop and pee.She had never done that before and although she was so embarrassed at the time it had felt so hot and smooth that she had orgasmed a couple of times before she got home.Right then she had decided that this was something she must do again as it made her feel so sexy,so she had deliberately not pooped for the past three days and was now feeling quite full and having to hold it in to avoid an accident at the wrong time;she would not need a laxative today.She dressed and set off to work wearing the same whit tight pants she wore last time,but they were now clean after a good washing.
Parking her scooter near the rear entrance to the hotel in Ha Yarkon St she went in and had a coffee before starting work,sitting in the kitchen with her friendly chef who always gave her a nice steak for her evening meal as she left work.Today she had three rooms ready for her right now,so she started on the first one now and began to tidy up all round and change the bed,throwing the old sheets into her hamper and puting new ones on,making it look so neat.A last look round to make sure it was all ready to be let again and then onto the next room.In the second room Tal found a small silver handbag under the bed which had been left by the guest,so she took it right down to the reception desk to hand in and went back up to finish the room. As she was replacing the new sheets and tucking them in on the bed,she checked again under the bed just in case there could be anything else she had missed,and to her surprise she noticed something right up at the top of the bed next to the bedside cabinet,on the floor.It seemed to be just a pair of panties but when she looked at them closer she saw that it was not panties but a ladies diaper.As she handled it she felt a small slightly damp patch inside it,so it had been used but not much,only damp.Suddenly an idea hit her:she could wear this herself when she pooped her pants later and it would protect her white tight pants from getting too messy.
The morning sun was streaming in through the window,so she places the damp diaper in the rays of the hot sun while she completed her work in that room and then carefully placed it in her cart as she moved on to the next room.As soon as she got into the next room she got the diaper out and again placed it in the sun so it would quickly dry out ready for her to use later.She deliberately took a little more time with this room to allow the sun to work on drying he new toy,all the time her mind was running through what she would do later and how great it would feel.All morning she was getting more and more excited thinking about her adventure that was yet to come and planning it out in her mind.This morning her work seemed to go so fast and before she knew it she had finished the last room and was pushing her cleaners cart to the storage room with her new dry diaper hidden inside.By now she was having to hold her bowels in check all the time as they were wanting to be free of their load;she could tell it was going to be easy to let it out as soon as she was ready,but first she wanted to eat before she got on her scooter to ride home.She now locked her store room from the inside and quickly took off her panties and replaced them with her nice dry diaper,then pulled on her tight white pants.It was a snug fit but it felt good to her as she put her panties in her bag ready to go home.
Tal Bar went down to the kitchen and collected her nice steak,giving the chef a nice kiss in return,then placed it in her cold box on her scooter and went next door to McDonalds for a big mac burger and a large cold coke drink.She knew that big macs always made her need to poop soon after and although she already needed slightly to pee a large coke would make sure of that.Sitting in her seat eating her burger Tal felt she was already close to using that diaper,but she managed to hold on while she ate and then finished her coke drink;now she really was needing to pee very soon.She left and walked up the steps to the rear of the hotel where her scooter was parked,now having to clench her cheeks and press her legs together to stop everything escaping too soon.She actually needed to stand for a minute to keep control before getting on the scooter,but once she was sitting on it she started up and rode off along the one way street this time getting a green light and turned left to go down the hill to the sea front road,then left again to head for home.
Now the need to pee was taking over so as she rode in the traffic she stood up on the scooter and relaxed,just letting her bladder start to leak and found that it was all contained in her diaper,so now she began to really enjoy it as her white pants were not getting wet this time,so she began to push a little to let all her pee flow,which made her diaper feel so nice and warm and wet as it soaked all round her waist and thighs;this was a nice feeling.Since she had pushed a little to get her pee out that had started her bowels moving a little and she could feel that the beginnings of a large soft poop had touched her wet diaper now and was now moving slowly but steady out of her body and spreading over the wetness on her diaper as she stood on the moving scooter.She stopped pushing and clenched her cheeks for a moment and slowly sat down on her seat,feeling the warm soft poop being squashed forward,slipping over her throbbing pussy lips.Now she eased up just a little and pushed harder,easily forcing out the rest of her warm soft mess into the soaked diaper.It felt so lovely as she savored the feeling before sitting down again hard and wriggling as she did so to make the mess spread as far as she could make it go.It felt so sexy and she moved back and forward to let it push over her pussy many times,each time giving her so much pleasure that she orgasmed three time before she arrived home.
Now she walked into her home and rubbed her hands inside the diapers as she fingered her pussy hard and fast for one last orgasm before she walked into her shower and started to clean her body,but not before spreading the soft warm poop over her belly just to see how it felt,and since it felt so good she spread more over her boobs as well.The shower took her a long time as she had to get more messy first and then clean it all off under the stream of hot water until she was clean, exhausted and very satisfied as she lay on her bed to recover and plan her next adventure in her mind.This pleasure was so good it had to be repeated many times.

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