Second Encounter

This is a sequel to the story “After the Reunion”, below.

This is the second adventure of David and Paul, whose accidental
experience in Hatbridge was recounted on this list about a month ago.
Having discovered a common interest, they arranged to meet. It is a true
story, but the names and places have been changed to protect the guilty.

David and Paul had arranged by email to meet in a fast food restaurant
in Hatbridge. David had only been sitting there with his chips and
Seven-up for a few minutes when Paul turned up with a milk shake. Soon
they were on their way, walking through the town, chatting about
inconsequential things. Each knew the other‘s interest, but maybe felt
awkward about mentioning the topic. After a while, though, the ice was
broken, and they found themselves telling each other about their past
experiences, and of accidents and things they‘d heard had befallen other
people, too.

Half an hour had gone by, and they were on the outskirts of the town.
Neither of them was absolutely sure what the other‘s intention of this
meeting was – whether it was just to meet for a chat and a stroll, or to
do something more practical. By this time David realised that he needed
to go to the toilet, and told Paul that if he didn‘t find one soon, he
would have to leak. Paul‘s response was non-committal, so David just let
out a little bit there and then to see the reaction. It made a slight
streak on one leg of David‘s black jeans, but Paul seemed very uneasy
because there was a man walking his dog not all that far away.

The conversation trailed off a bit after that, and David concluded that
he had made a mistake in acting so soon. They walked back to the car
park, and David assumed that, having met, that would be the end of the
proceedings. He offered Paul a lift, but Paul had his bike nearby, and
suggested they could drive round for a bit. David didn‘t know the area
that well, but Paul, who had lived there at one time, acted as guide.

After a few minutes, Paul suggested stopping and parking. He led David
through a gap in the hedge, and they found themselves in a dark,
deserted recreation ground. As they walked toward the middle of the
field, with wide open space all round, David realised that more action
was planned. There was a large oak tree nearby, and Paul stood under
that with his legs slightly apart. There was enough light to see the
tell-tale splashes appear on Paul‘s dark grey jeans. David was relieved
at this, because he was feeling quite uncomfortable, so he just stood
there and let it all go. His black jeans were soaked down both legs, but
their colour meant that it didn‘t show too much. Paul was content with
the stains around his fly, though David suspected that quite a bit had
trickled harmlessly down his legs, too. Paul explained that he did not
live alone, and couldn‘t risk anything too obvious.

David gave Paul a lift to his bike, and they said goodnight. Nothing
more was said then, but each knew that there would be a further, perhaps
more daring, joint experiment in the future.

Watch this space!

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