Second Digital Postcard from Germany

Woohoo!  I got my own mobile broadband widget for my computer.  At some point, I can get back to chatting.

Trying to lose weight but having fat foods pushed at me at every turn.  I’m losing some, just slowly.  I don’t really like meat, but that’s all everybody is getting me to do.  Eat different kinds of sausage.

I need to lose weight because I have some jeans that I want to be able to put on and they don’t exactly fit just yet.  Yeah, I guess it’s possible for jeans to be a little bit too skinny, lol.

So imagine this:  Arizona jeans, skinny jeans, in grey.  yeah, damn right.  I have a pair of 34 and 32 both and I intend to wear them and be supremely desperate in them this summer.

I was wanting to buy some jeans while I’m here, but the prices are really high compared to the United States.  I’m staying with a conservative sort of family, so wetting isn’t something that is easy to do here, but I’m still willing to meet up with someone if they are interested in hosting me for a day or even an afternoon.  I can make up some story and take off easily enough.

My main wetting goal here is to lose weight and get myself closer to 75Kgs.  Not sure if I can do it, but closer is better.  I have a special reward for myself when I hit that weight.

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