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🙁 So here I am sitting at the computer a couple minutes until Midnight, just before Monday. It seems that this is the only site that I can come to for good quality content that is free. It’s kind of sad, if you think about it. This is the only good free site that I know of with material that caters to both sexes, without prejudice. It’s even more sad that it is not widely popular. I’m 30 years old and I am still single. I really want a boyfriend that is into watersports. I want a boyfriend that I can love and share my life with. It seems that this is a lot to ask for in the gay community. It’s difficult enough to come across a free dating site with watersports and other material that this site offers, yet alone to find a site with people in my area. I live in a county in which there is not one single gay affiliated place to go where I could meet other gay people. It’s certainly much to ask for a gay watersports meeting place. There isn’t one single gay bar, gay club, gay bookstore, gay coffee shop. There isn’t a gay anything where I live. I have to travel an hour away to meet people. It’s not convenient for my work schedule. I have tried,, you name it. Those sites always seem to be just for hook-ups. I don’t do hook-ups. I want to meet other guys in my area that are also into watersports and are gay. It’s too bad this site isn’t known more widely, or the member search option isn’t a little more structured. It would help if you could enter your zip code and be able to search personals, perhaps. But, for the meantime, this will have to do.

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  1. The search is limited because not everyone who registered wants people to be able to locate them geographically. I could develop an opt in system where people could post more details about their location.

    The current members search page can filter members by country but at the minute, for the sake of privacy, this is as much as you can do.

  2. You could almost persuade me to be gay with that blog post. Not gay, but willing to learn, LOL (Ever see the movie Stripes?)

    I am in the middle of moving but during the summer, I might be able to catch up. Sorry, no sex.

  3. I just found the video chat for this site. I will have to hook up my webcam and give that a shot. 🙂

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