Sean’s sick day

Fiction story for a friend.
Sean opened his eyes and for a minute wondered where he was.Then he remember last night had been quite a party but he was in his own bed where he had passed out hours ago after drinking too much of the liquid refreshment to wash down the party nibbles.His mouth felt like a small furry animal had crawled in there and crapped,so he struggled to get out of bed and brushed his teeth,which at least tasted better.Now he was starving and as he looked in his fridge there was nothing her fancied so he decided to go out for breakfast even though it was almost mid day now.He was still dressed from last night and could not be bothered getting changed right now,so he grabbed his bicycle from the hallway and headed for the elevator.He got down to the lobby of his apartment block in Station Village Lane in San Diego and pushed the bike out into the bright sunshine of another lovely day.Making his way through The Lido parking lot he soon arrived at the San Diego River Bikeway,the cycle freeway which would let him cycle along beside the river to Mission Center Road where he would have a choice of several food joints.

As Sean rode along enjoying the fresh air and sunshine he thought about which food he would choose.There was Carls Jr,Jack in the Box or Taco Shop but he would delay choosing until he got there.Meanwhile riding was making him hungry and he was also very thirsty,being dehydrated from too much alcohol last night.Soon he arrived at Mission Center and felt that his body was craving taco so he crossed the street and rode the short distance past Jack in the Box and chained up his bike outside Taco Shop.He sniffed at the lovely aroma coming from the door and went inside,found a table and sat to check the menu.He soon decided upon a couple of beef,cheese and bean tacos with jalapena to spice them up a bit and ordered the largest cola drink in the house.He was almost finished the drink before the tacos arrived,so he asked for a refill as he drained his glass,well paper cup actually.He chomped down both tacos as if he had not eaten in a month and found he was still hungry so he ordered two more.When they came he ate them a little slower and enjoyed the hot tingle in his mouth from the jalapenos as it throbbed long after he finished eating and he sat back enjoying the ice cold cola.

He sat reading the newspaper letting his belly enjoy the full feeling for a few minutes.Sean was feeling happy that he did not have to work today as he had called in sick last night anticipating a fragile feeling following the party.He was still feeling a bit fragile but at least he was not hungry now.Just as he was thinking he should ride back home and tidy up the wreckage of the party and shower and get changed into fresh clothes,he felt a slight rumbling inside as tacos fought with booze in his belly.There was also a slight feeling that he should go find a toilet soon as a poop was getting ready to move out;nothing urgent yet but just a suggestion he felt.He thought he might as well attend to that before he rode home,so he went to the toilets down the passage only to find that they were closed for cleaning.No big deal he decided;he would just ride home and poop there.He drank the last of his cola drink and sucked on the last ice cube as he left and unchained his bike,thinking that he would need to pee by the time he got home,and hearing the sound of the river trickling past did not help.He swung his leg over and sat on the saddle as he pushed the pedals and started riding toward the cycleway.

As soon as he got on the cycleway he saw a group of cute girls in a row boat on the river.They were in a flirty mood as they waved at him,so he stopped and waved back,feeling a stirring in his loins at the thought of four girls to play with.The girls pulled in to the bank and called to him asking if he wanted to come for a ride in their boat.Never one to pass up a chance he readily agreed and chained up his bike to a handy tree and stepped into their boat,sitting between two of the hot girls while the other two steered and talked.They headed up river enjoying the sun and the light breeze.The girls dragged out a case of beer and they all had a large can of cold beer from the ice box.What a pleasant way to spend the day off work Sean thought.About half an hour later after a few beers,Sean was wishing that he had been able to use the toilets at Taco Shop.Now all the cola and beer was building up in his bladder and the four tacos too were having their effect on him.The suggestion that he needed to pee and poop was rapidly becoming less a suggestion and more an urgent call like a four alarm fire.There did not seem to be anywhere near the river where he could rush in to use a toilet so he held on desperately smiling at the girls and thinking which one he would like to have sex with first if he had the choice.

Just about then the girls decided it was time to turn around and go back down river so they turned the boat round and just let the motor idle enough to have steerage way.There was a toot of a horn from behind them as a larger boat was closing fast and about to over take them,and in a few seconds it passed at a good speed,creating a wave that rocked their boat quite a bit.It was not dangerous but the rocking it caused was enough to make Sean lose concentration on holding his bladder in check and suddenly he peed so hard that it flooded his light colored pants making such a large dark patch for all to see.He felt so embarrassed to pee his pant in front of four hot girls,but they all laughed and said,”Thank goodness you did that,we are all bursting to pee too but there is no place to go and we didn’t want to pee in front of you but now we can,if you don’t mind”.Sean assured them that he did not mind one little bit and in seconds four lovely cameltoes became soaking wet as their shorts were well and truly peed upon.Talk about an ice breaker.Now they were all in peed pants the talk turned to naughty pleasures and the girls admitted that they loved to go boating and just pee their pants when it was needed.They said it made them all feel horny too.

Sean was still holding on desperately to a massive taco poop and it seemed like a losing battle to him,so he admitted to the girls that he was in need of a toilet very soon and it was not just to pee.The girls laughed again and said that sometimes when they were out in the boat they found it hard to hold a poop until they got back to where a toilet was handy,so they peed their panties and if they needed to poop then they would just do that in their panties too as they were all very open with each other and nobody got embarrassed.They said to Sean that he should not feel worried and if he could not hold it to just let it come out.Just as they said that one of the girls,Janet,said that she needed to poop right now so if he needed they could poop together.Then she lifted up off her seat and pushed a little and suddenly a bulge appeared at the back of her shorts and she turned her ass toward Sean to show it off.Right then he felt a wonderful stirring in his loins and suddenly he was as hard as a rock,his cock growing larger in seconds at the sight of that girl’s poop covered ass and four wet pussies was too much to ignore.He lifted his ass up off his seat and stopped holding his cheeks closed and with a few farts his underpants started to fill up and kept filling like it would never stop.His boxers were thank goodness a tight fit so it all stayed inside but it made such a big bulge at his ass that they girls all wanted to feel it,and of course they pushed it a bit each one of them so it spread very nicely,and as he sat down again most of it was pushed forward quickly covering his balls and cock a sit was pushed up in front onto his belly where the head of his cock was now located close to his belly button,a good nine inches.

Now the three non pooped girls were trying to push so they too could join in the fun and to Sean’s delight they were all successful and soon all four girls had a bulge of poop in their shorts.Now Sean being a nice guy as well as a super horny guy,suggested that if they wanted to clean up they could come back to his apartment and shower as he would need to also.They all giggled and readily agreed,so they dropped him off where his bike was chained and as he rode home alongside them floating down the river they soon reached where his block was located and the girls tied up the boat and walked with him through the Lido parking lot to his apartment.The girls were all feeling his poop bulge and he was allowed to feel the four pooped asses of the girls as they rode up in the elevator.They walked in to his apartment and all four of the girls gently pushed Sean onto his bed and loosened his pants belt exposing his cock standing fully erect and covered in soft poop.Janet grabbed it in her hand and began to stroke slowly as she felt it throbbing as he lay back on his bed feeling marvelous.She quickly dropped her shorts and panties on the floor and with her other hand reached behind her and got a handful of her poop to spread over his belly and cock.Now she kissed his lips hard and climbed on top of him easing his cock into her hot wet pussy and bounced on it with great enthusiasm as she cried out with great joy when Sean exploded and shot a massive load of hot cum into her.

The other three girls were lined up now,all wanting to play with his big cock which was still hard even though he had cum.Now they each took turns to feel that nine inches of hot cock pleasure poking inside them as Sean lay back and enjoyed all his birthdays and Christmases at once being ridden my four hot poopy girls.This was an experience he would never forget and hopefully would enjoy again as they girls seemed to like his cock so much.When they were all tired out they all rested,the girls all in bed with Sean and holding some part of him while he explores four pussies in turn and of course eight lovely tits to be sucked in turn.His cock was resting for while now but his fingers were still in good working order so the four pussies were pleasured many times until all the girls had enjoyed many orgasms.Eventually they all walked into his shower room which was a tight fit but they all helped each other to get clean.Sean put all their dirty clothing in his washer to get cleaned while they all stayed naked until their clothes were ready to wear again.The girls were more than happy to make dates with him for more boating pleasures in the future,and Sean’s only regret was that he would never be able to tell his friends at work about today as he was supposed to be sick.

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