Sean’s fancy food date.

Sean walked into his apartment tired from his busy day at work but looking forward to his date that night with Belinda from work.He had been trying for ages to get a date with her as she was so lovely to look at with such a sexy figure and lately she had been smiling at him more.He had heard from some of the guys he had lunch with that she was rather stuck up but if she liked a guy she would be happy to fuck all night after a good meal and a few drinks to loosen her inhibitions.Sean rushed into the shower and washed well with a nice smelling soap,then got out and dried before pulling on his now shirt and pants.He had bought them just a couple of days ago to impress his date and he was anticipating a night of passion as tomorrow was Saturday so no work to get out of bed for;they could stay in bed all night and all morning and maybe have sex in the morning too.His thoughts were getting him horny already and the date was not yet started.

To further impress Belinda he had borrowed his friend Jose’s car for the evening,a year old red Corvette which he had promised to take great care of.He was already thinking of how her dress would ride up as she got into the low seat beside him.Quickly checking round his home he was sure that it was tidy and fit to show his date.He dabbed some manly perfume on his neck to get her interested and locked the door as he left and went down in the elevator to where he had parked the Corvette making his neighbors envious.He drove carefully to pick her up at her home in Portofino Apartments just north of Friars Road and as he arrived she was looking out her window and waved to him.She came out of the hallway and walk across to his lovely red Corvette looking quite impressed already as he got out to open her door and help her get into her seat,secretly enjoying a view of her marvelous boobs in her low cut dress and trying hard not to get hard just yet.

He heard that she liked Italian food so he planned on eating downtown in Little Italy area of the city and letting her choose which restaurant they would use.He arrived at Little Italy about 30 minutes later and they drove around the area looking at the various food places before Belinda decided on a fancy looking restaurant on Columbia St.Sean found a parking space not far from the restaurant and they strolled along the street and into the aroma of Italian food where they were shown to a table in a corner with two candles to light their table and a nice vase of flowers in the center.They studied the menu cards and Sean let Belinda decide what they would eat as he liked most foods and it let her feel in charge for now.She chose something that she thought looked tasty and they talked while they waited for their meal to come out.She kept leaning forward as she talked and Sean was treated to the sight of her magnificent boobs each time,so he felt his cock getting so hard under the table and glad that she could not see it,not yet anyway.

The food arrived and it did look very nice and smelled wonderful too,so they ate and enjoyed the flavors of the pasta and sauce and the side dishes until the whole meal was gone and they sat back absolutely stuffed.No matter how full they were they still had room for dessert so they ordered a large ice cream sundae with lots of sauce and sprinkles.It took them quite a while to eat that but it tasted so delightful that they managed it and then ordered a coffee before they would go home,maybe by a long route to enjoy the lights of the harbor or park for a while to enjoy the view.About 30 minutes later they were getting into the Corvette once more and Sean drove to a quiet parking spot looking out to sea.They sat there talking for a while before Belinda began to look a bit distressed and said that she felt funny.She asked if they could get back to her place soon as her tummy seemed to be upset from eating too much,so he started driving back toward her Mission City home,trying to drive gently.

Just as they passed under I-5 freeway Belinda put her head down on her chest and was sick,throwing up lots of yucky vomit which all went onto her dress,most of it running inside the dress over those lovely boobs.Sean still felt fine but he felt sorry for her as her dress was filling up with sick mess and it smelled nasty,yet he wanted to play with those boobs so much now that he was getting hard yet again and this time he did not care if she saw it.His pants were tenting in front and it was very obvious.As he drove Belinda now was farting and she looked so embarrassed to have been sick in his car,though none of it had gone on the car seats so far.Suddenly she held her belly and farted again but this time it sounded different and the smell was different too.Belinda groaned and started to cry a little and said she had just pooped her panties and could not help it and she was sorry.He assured her that he would take care of her when they got to her place so not to worry.

About ten minutes later they arrived at Portofino Apartments and Sean parked as close as he could to the entrance.He walked round to her side and carefully helped her out,happy to see that her seat was not looking too bad from being pooped on.He helped her walk shakily to the entrance and held her close as they got into the elevator and went up to her apartment.He got her key from her and opened her door and helped her stagger inside and let her to her bed.laying her down gently before getting wash cloths and helping her to clean up her lovely boobs.She was happy for his help and thanked him as she lay back and allowed him to undress her and clean her body of vomit and poop.He got her a drink of water which helped her feel better and she said to him that as he had now seen her naked there was no point now in getting dressed,but could he help her to shower.He agreed and suggested that he needed to shower too so he took his clothes off and folded them carefully on a chair and carried Belinda gently in his arms into the shower.He closed the door an turned on the warm spray and held her in his arms as she was sprayed,washing off the remaining sick and poop.Once her face was clean he kissed her gently and she smiled at him and kissed him back.

They showered for a while until she was clean again and then he dried her outside the shower and led her to her bed.He held her tight and kissed again and gently laid her on her bed getting in there beside her and stroking her boobs now,letting his very hard cock slide over her thigh as they hugged tight.She seemed to perk up now as she became horny and she reached for his cock now and began to play with it as she guided it toward her wet pussy.Belinda felt his cock touch her pussy and gasped as he pushed it inside her now slowly pushing the whole ten inches inside her until he reached the end of her tunnel and began stroking in and out slowly at first until she was gasping and asking for faster and harder now.Sean was happy to oblige and soon was thrusting fast and deep inside her as she arched her back to meet his thrusts.She began panting hard a she approached orgasm and grabbed his ass,pulling him further into her.Now she gave a big gasp and shuddered and held him very tight as he felt her pussy grab his cock as she orgasmed and now he thrust harder as he exploded and filled her pussy with what seemed like a gallon of cum,all hot and creamy which she sucked in hungrily,her pussy holding onto his cock until she got every drop of him.

They lay there connected by cock and pussy for a while until his cock got smaller and rested,then he drew it out and hugged her again now playing with her boobs and feeling her all over.He quietly said to her that he better stay with her in case she got ill again and needed help.Belinda was quick to agree to this and said that when they had rested she might need more tender care from his cock when he was ready once more.She said it was the best date she had enjoyed for years in spite of being sick and shitting her panties,and she had love getting fucked like that.She wanted to have more dates with Sean but next time without being sick.They slept until morning and woke up with the sun shining through the window.As Sean woke and looked at the beautiful boobs again he got rock hard again and started kissing tits and fingering pussy and in seconds Belinda was accepting cock into her pussy for another hot session of sex.

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