Sean’s adventure

Fiction story for Sean
The bright sunlight coming through the window wakened Sean early that Saturday and he checked the time on his bedside alarm clock before he realized that he did not have to work today.He got up and poured a coffee from the pot that had been plugged in all night so he could enjoy a hot coffee first thing when he woke>that would have to keep him going until he got out to the store to buy food for the weekend.A few frozen dinners should be fine if he ate at home but he would probably eat out as he often did as he was not into cooking.He dressed in his tight knee length cycle pants over his boxer shorts as they felt good on him and he did not worry about “panty lines” being visible,who cares.He rode down from his 4th floor apartment with his bike in the elevator and headed along San Diego River Bikeway for Mission Center Road and the Food for Less store.It did not take long before he was chaining up his bike at the store and walking round choosing his favorite meals.He paid for them and stuffed his saddle bag with six dinners,then rode home fast to get them in his freezer.That was food taken care of for this weekend.

As he rode home he was thinking what he could do today for amusement and the thought hit him that it was a nice day to visit the zoo.That was a fair distance away so he planned on cycling to the bus stop back near the food store and chaining his bike there while he rode the bus to the zoo and just walked round there to enjoy the animals.Sean got out his travel bag and filled it with a couple of bottles of water and an ice pack to keep them cold also a few packs of oatmeal cookies to nibble on while he walked.He planned on eating at one of the fast food places near the zoo for lunch.He felt good as he chained up his bike again outside Food for Less where it would be safer for the long time with security watching over it.He walked the short distance to the bus stop and waited ten minutes for the bus to appear,climber aboard and found a seat mid way along it where there was less bouncing as between the sets of wheels was more stable than at the back end.It was nice to just sit and look out at the world and not need to worry about being alert for traffic on his bike.In about 45 minutes he reached the zoo,bought his ticket and went inside along with hundreds of others.

It felt nice to play at tourist for the day as Sean walked along taking his time and feeling life was great.The zoo is a big place and after a couple of hours he was feeling tired and hungry,so he was happy to see a food place up ahead where he could sit and rest while filling his belly.Checking his watch he saw that it was well past lunchtime so no wonder he felt hungry.He lined up at the counter checking the menu and decided on what he wanted,made his order and carried it to a table along with a large cola drink.He sat down with relief and started eating his Thai green curry with rice and loved the taste.It was nice and spicy which he loved and by the time he cleaned his plate he felt quiet stuffed as drinking his cola seemed to make the rice swell more in his belly.He sat a few minutes after eating and felt an urge to pee so before he left he went to the toilet and found a cubicle where he could pee,as wearing these pants without a fly zipper meant that he had to drop his pants in order to pee.He pulled up his pants again and as he adjusted them felt a tiny squirt of pee go into his pants which always seemed to happen,so he was glad that his pants were black as they did not show a damp patch.

By the time he had seen all the exhibits his legs felt tired and he was happy to climb into the bus again for his return journey to go back for his bike.The bus was pretty full so he was not able to find a seat between the front and back wheels as they were all filled,so he had to sit right at the back in the only empty seat.It was a bumpy ride back there and his lunch got shaken up well as he had a good drink of his bottled water.Soon he was pleased to see that a really beautiful girl got on the bus and the only seat empty was beside him.He got up and let the girl sit by the window while he took the aisle seat.Being a friendly guy he started talking with her and all seemed well.Very soon Sean began to feel urges to use a toilet very soon,as the curry and cola were needing to come out,but there was no toilet on the bus and he did not want to get off to find one,so he would just have to sit tight and hold it until he got home,or at least to his bike at the store.His belly began to grumble and his bladder felt like it could explode.He felt gas building up badly in his belly and he thought if he could just fart quietly and reduce the pressure that would help.Easing just a little to the side he relaxed a little and felt the warm gas escaping his ass and was happy that it was silent,hoping it would not smell too bad to his lovely girl right beside him.It felt so good to get rid of the pressure,but relaxing also had made some pee come out too and wet his pants.He checked and was pleased to see that it was not showing on his black pants;his pee was invisible so that was good so he let more pee out and savored the warm wet feeling as his ass got wet.

A few minutes later that pressure was back in his belly,so he needed to repeat his fart release again.Feeling confident this time Sean eased up off his seat a bit and relaxed once more,feeling the lovely warm sensation as hot gas flowed out of his ass and warmed his wet pants.It was almost finished when he decided to push just a little to get more of it out so he could last longer before he had to do it again.Big mistake he discovered as suddenly he felt his ass was warm but also sticky as that last fart came with sauce.As he lowered himself down in the seat again he felt very soft poop being squashed by his ass and spread all over it as what seemed like a cup full of poop got sat on.It did feel very nice as it was pushed forward to cover his balls,and he could not help moving his ass in the seat to enjoy it and spread it more,but it did smell pretty bad to him and would soon to all the passengers.He tried to act normally and hoped that everyone was suffering from faulty smell intake.The problem was now that some had come out the rest wanted to come out too and he was unable to stop that happening due to all the bouncing at the back of the bus as it drove along the streets.

Sean sneaked a glance at the sexy girl beside him.He had been hoping to talk her into a date with him,but now he saw that she was looking very uncomfortable and her face was wrinkled up as she sniffed the air,and gas,looking very upset.Might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb he thought so he eased up again and pushed the rest of his poop into his pants,and it was quite a lot,all soft and smelling like a rat died in there days ago and was decomposing fast.The sexy girl coughed and gasped for fresh air but there was none on that bus now.She looked like she was trying to sit outside the bus window if that was possible as she gagged several times.Now a real gentleman would have got up and let her out of her seat,but Sean was trying to pretend this was not happening so he sat right there and talked about anything but poop and farts.By now he had rocked in his seat and his soft smelly poop was spread all over his ass and covered his balls and also his rock hard cock which was now very obvious inside his tight pants as it showed very clearly sticking up on his belly.The girl could see he was happy to be with her judging by the outline of his cock smiling at her through his pants,and she would have been happy to play with it but the smell was cooling her passion fast.It seemed impossible to breath as she sat there gagging but not gagging for cock.

Sexy girl had been trying to breath without smelling Sean’s poop without success and eventually the smell got the better of her and her lunch wanted to come out.In spite of her best efforts she felt her lunch coming up and she decided that if this smelly person was going to make her sick then he could suffer too,so as her lunch came up into her mouth she turned to Sean and threw up all over him with a technicolor yawn that covered his shirt with several new colors.She did not have to say anything,her vomit said it all,and Sean guessed that a date was not going to happen this time.Eventually the girl got off the bus at her stop and shortly after that Sean got off and found his bike.He unchained it and got into the saddle,enjoying the last spread of warm smelly poop as the saddle pressed hard in his ass and poop went further up his back.He enjoyed the messy ride home and was pleased that the elevator was all his on the ride up to his apartment.He propped his bike against the wall in the passageway and walked into his shower room fully dressed,only taking his phone and stuff out of his pockets.It felt so good as he undressed under the hot spray,grabbing his erect cock and masturbating hard and fast thinking what a date would have been like with the hot girl from the bus.

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