Sean goes camping

Sean heard the alarm bell like it was miles away,but as he gradually woke it got closer until he opened his eyes and swatted his alarm clock beside his bed.He remembered he had set his alarm to make sure he got up really early,but not for work;today he was going to go camping with two of the cute girls he had met a few weeks ago sailing their boat along the river in San Diego.Janet and her friend Amy had asked him if he would come camping with them as they were afraid to go alone but really wanted to sleep out in the fresh air in Janet’s dad’s tent just to see what it was like as he always talked about his camping days.He had let them borrow his tent for a week and when they asked Sean he was happy to take a week off work for a cheap vacation with two hot girls.The girls had borrowed the family van for their vacation,a Dodge Grand Caravan which was rather a vintage model but still very serviceable,and it would hold them and all the camping stuff with room to spare.

He had packed his back pack last night with spare pants and underwear and shirts and socks and it was sitting ready to go beside his door.The girls were bringing all the other things they would need including food and cooking things.He was sitting checking the area they were going to on his computer so he had a rough idea what they could do and see there.His doorbell rang and it was the girls.He grabbed his pack and went out to see Amy and Janet dressed in cute shorts and revealing tops which made him smile as his eyes took in the view of four very delightful tits and two lovely camel toes.They rode the elevator down to the lobby of his apartment block and out to the van where he put his pack in one of the empty seats at the back while he sat up front between the girls.Amy was driving as they set off heading for the freeway.Rush hour traffic had not started yet as they reached I-5 and headed north through La Jolla and followed the coast for 65 miles enjoying a nice sea view all the way.They stopped at Oceanside just north of Carlsbad for breakfast at a diner and then drove on and soon reached Dana Point where they found a nice little camp site with sea views and a toilet block with showers and close enough to a few shops near the marina.

The three of them all helped erect the tent which was a 4 man frame tent,so would have enough room for them all and was easy to put up.It take only a few minutes to get the frame together and then slip the canvas over the top and secure it with guy ropes and tent pegs.The tent had a clear plastic window with curtains,so they had made sure that the window faced the sea so they could watch any ships passing.The tent was up and their things inside and it was only 10am so they decided to explore the area and jumped into the van.A short drive and they were at a lovely sandy beach where they could lie in the sun for a while.Sean took off his shirt and pants and lay in his swim trunks soaking up the sun while the girls stripped to their bikinis and settled down to cook in the sun.They had eaten a very good breakfast at Oceanside so they did not feel hungry for lunch at all and just lay there turning over now and then to cook both sides evenly,getting up a few times to run into the cool waves when they felt hot.This was a great life.

Eventually hunger got to them about 6pm and they drove a short distance to the touristy harbor area with a few gift shops and restaurants.There they walked around and found a lovely aroma in the air,and as they followed it they discovered a fish and chips restaurant that seemed to be doing a great trade.They had to wait before there was a table available for them,then they sat and each enjoyed a plate of really fantastic cod and chips with a salad on the side and bread rolls with butter and jam.It was one of those meals where you just want to keep eating all night and they did eat lots to keep them going until morning when it would be their job to cook on their camp stove.All that food needed a lot of iced cola to wash it down of course and it was almost 8pm when they left to drive back to their camp site where they parked right beside their tent and went inside and switched on their tiny light.Amy and Janet rolled out their sleeping bags and that was when Sean realized what was missing from his packing:he did not have a sleeping bag.

Janet and Amy were going to share a king size air mattress but they could not leave Sean to sleep on the ground with no covering,so they agreed to open out both sleeping bags and lie on top of one while the other would be their quilt on top and Sean could sleep between them.That should work out fine as they were not strangers,having both enjoyed sex with Sean before and they would not mind three in a bed this time.Sleeping arrangements worked out,they turned off the light and settled for the night as a gentle rain started to fall,making light pattering on the tent.Sleep was not coming yet so Sean soon felt fingers touching his thighs as each girl felt daring and began to stroke his legs making him think of other things than sleep.One hand,Amy’s found Sean’s third leg as it was now standing up hard and ready.She wrapped her hand round his cock and started stroking it slowly.He was very willing to play along and let his hands explore too,reaching out to both sides and finding two damp pussies both looking for pleasure.

Sean whispered to the girls that whoever got onto his cock first could get fucked tonight and the other would get fucked tomorrow night.There was a sudden activity as both tried to get on top first,but Amy was the winner and she bounced on his cock gasping with delight as it thrust into her pussy until he gasped as he filled her with a massive load of cum which pumped out for a long time and he lay back to recover.Amy sat on his cock for a few minutes just enjoying the mass inside her pussy,and then rolled off to lie beside him as Janet began to suck him,licking up the leaking cum from his cock and looking forward to tomorrow night.Eventually all three fell asleep each holding onto a cock or balls or tits or pussy as they drifted off to sleep.Some time during the night Sean awoke with a pressing need to pee and poop,and then he remembered he was not at home and the toilet was not right next to his bedroom.He stirred,which woke the girls too,and all of them said how much they needed the toilet which was only 100 yards away in the dark.That would have been alright but now the rain was falling harder and before they got to the toilet block and back they would each be totally soaked.The decision was made to hold it until morning so they held each other closely and tried to get back to sleep.

They did all get back to sleep as they had got pretty tired but once asleep their bodies were still needing a toilet break.As they slept Sean was so relaxed that he started to pee and the warm pee felt so comfortable that he slept through it all and his bowels began to move letting a lovely soft poop gently slide out nice and slow and settle between his legs.Having had a few hours rest now,his cock was ready for more fun and began to rise as he slept.He rolled over to face Janet whose back was to him and still asleep he put his arm over her and grabbed her tit as he snuggled up to her ass.His cock sensed the nearness of her pussy and got harder as it felt the moist pussy touch its tip while she in her sleep felt the cock slipping over her and reached down to guide it into her.She became half awake and pushed her ass back to let Sean’s cock slip into her now wet pussy and he slowly began thrusting as he slept feeling so good about his dream fuck.They both kept moving in their sleep and soon Janet’s pussy was full and overflowing with hot cum.While Janet had been getting her pussy filled with Sean’s big cock it had stimulated her so much that as well as a nice orgasm in her sleep she had totally peed herself and also he anus had opened with the nearby activity and she had pooped all over his cock which had spread it very well back over her ass.

Now Amy turned over in her sleep and her arm slipped over his waist,her hand looking for his cock.She found his cock but it felt strangely sticky and wet, and that brought her more awake and as she woke she touched all round Sean’s crotch area and wondered why her hand was sticky,which woke her up completely.She let out a cry of disgust which woke the others.Sean you shit the bed she cried as he felt his cock and knew what he had done,then he felt Janet’s ass and said Janet shit too and the bed is soaked so we must have peed as well.Janet looked surprised and said that she dreamed she was getting fucked,then as she felt her pussy leaking cum she knew that she had been fucked well and that had made her shit come out as she had needed to poop too.Amy realized that the rain made it too wet to go to the toilet block now so she said they might as well just lie in their bed until the rain stopped and then think about cleaning up.

Sean turned over again so he poop covered cock was touching Amy’s ass and Janet pushed her pussy into Sean’s ass feeling his poop smear onto her and he pushed his cock between Amy’s legs getting her smeared with poop from him and Janet.Amy felt the warm poop and decided there was no point in her holding now so she relaxed and flooded his cock with her hot pee which felt nice to him,and he quite enjoyed it when Amy’s ass opened and she let out a load of soft warm poop which covered his cock so nicely that he used it to spread her poop all over her ass,and then used a hand to grab a handfull and rub it over her tits,making her moan with delight again.Morning came and as the sun rose all three of them carried a bag with clean clothes and walked to the shower rooms to clean up,then the laundry room to wash their sleeping bags and into the dryer so they would have a clean bed that night.They shared the shower room and the clean up was almost as enjoyable as the sex had been,well almost.

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